How to Cultivate Joy in your Marriage



Let’s face it, our lives are busy. We are under constant pressure to do more and more daily. The demands of raising young children, coupled with family, work, and other responsibilities are enough to stifle joy out of our lives.

We feel overwhelmed… there’s too much to do.

As a young mom, joy was the last thing on my mind. Often, I was busy juggling many responsibilities including taking kids to school, soccer practices, games, piano lessons, and birthday parties.

Speaking of birthday parties, back then, we had so many it was hard to keep up. I once took the wrong kid to a birthday party. Let me explain… my daughter was invited to a classmate’s party, but I thought it was my son who was invited. On the day of the party, I showed up with my son to an all girls’ party. Can you relate? more “How to Cultivate Joy in your Marriage”

How to prevent little foxes from wreaking havoc in your marriage and relationships



Son: There is a fox at the door.

Me: Open the door and bring it in.

Son: Mom! It is a fox, not a box!

Me: What!

Jumping out of bed, I dashed to the door. Sure enough, there was a fox at the door. Can you imagine what would have happened if my son had opened the door to let the fox in?

This incident reminds me of two little foxes I let into my life early in my marriage. My friendship with the little fox of resentment started rather innocently. Whenever I felt that I was treated unfairly, or my input was discounted, I would get angry. Outwardly, everything looked fine, but I was stewing inside. Over time this bad habit grew and festered into bitterness which left me frustrated and created all kinds of problems in my marriage. more “How to prevent little foxes from wreaking havoc in your marriage and relationships”

Deep Lasting Love


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

I’d like to join in your celebration. Is it ok if I bring a friend along?

I have a good friend who knows a lot about love. According to Wikipedia, my friend has written several volumes on love and he is considered the leading expert on the topic of love. First, let me tell you a little bit about my friend.

He is the fountain of Love & good-will.

His heart flows positively towards us at all times.

He knows everything about everything.

He is without distortion, without confusion, and without gaps.

He is complete justice.

His justice is based upon ALL facts, undistorted by shortfalls in emotions or knowledge.

He is utterly faithful…to His Own Person, to His people, to His work;

There is not even a tiny hint of unfaithfulness,

No shadow of turning, or distraction or relationship fatigue!

He is Sovereign… there is no power or plan higher than His.

No law of Nature, no human will or direction, no health crisis or no marital crisis over-rides his plan.

Nothing negates His purpose.

He is the ONLY cement block upon which we can STAND in changing circumstances.

He is Wikipedia par excellence.

He is the author of perfect peace, perfect joy, perfect stability, and perfect reasonableness.

He is Pure Love.


I met my friend a couple of years ago but got to know him better during a dark season in my life and marriage. Since then he has been helping me to understand more about love and that it is an essential ingredient in all relationships. I have learned that love is not about mushy feelings or emotions, but rather true love is…

  • A choice.
  • An attitude.
  • A Commitment.
  • Kind
  • Patient
  • Showing up every day when you would rather not.
  • Letting go of unrealistic expectations.
  • Getting in the trenches with the other person when you would naturally do otherwise.
  • Seeing your spouse through the eyes of Jesus.

You are probably wondering, her friend must be Superhuman.

 Yes, He is.

 He is the Lord, Jesus Christ.

The One who gave his life as a ransom for all on the cross of Calvary.

It is impossible to know true love without him.

His love is Sure, Secure and Sweet.


Do you need a refresher on love?

Are you dealing with a crisis?

Jesus is here to help if you are willing. His love can bring peace to any situation. He and I have weathered many storms and I can tell you that his love is kind and constant. From my experience, He is the basis and foundation of deep lasting love, in life, marriages, and relationships.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Thanks for allowing my friend and I to join your celebration.


Scripture: John 13:34, 1 Corinthians 13:1, 4-7, 13,  1 John 4:7-12