Welcome to hidden treasures and riches!

I am so glad you are here. My name is Tope Keku. I am a wife, mom, speaker, blogger, and mentor. I encourage women facing hardships to embrace the hope of Jesus while discovering hidden treasures in adversity.


My story is about walking through the fires of adversity of marital conflicts, health crisis, fear, rejection, anxiety, and homelessness to discover valuable treasures and my identity in Christ.

When my world fell apart, God’s grace sustained me as He drew me into a deeper relationship with Him and showed me new ways to live a life of love, patience, peace, kindness, hope, and gratitude. I learned to mine the scriptures and to embrace prayer as my declaration of dependence on God. I am still a work in progress (WIP) but this is the reason for my hope.


My passion is to inspire women to know how much God loves them and to guide them to dig for joy, peace, and hope when life is hard. I also guide women to apply biblical principles in their daily experiences.

Our trials are often gifts in unusual wrappings. Jesus holds the keys to unwrapping the treasures in our trials. He desires to give us hope and encouragement.

How did you handle a difficult season of life?


Feel free to check out my blog posts to gain deeper truths that you can apply to your marriage and relationships.

Thank you for visiting. I would love to connect with you.