Weathering Storms

Storms usually come when we don’t expect them. In 2017, the United States experienced three major storms that brought massive rain, flooding, and devastation to Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Flooded streets left people stranded in their homes and many had to be rescued by boat. Basic amenities like power and water were off. About 200 thousand homes were damaged in Texas alone.

Storm Rescue

Have you experienced a personal storm that left you in despair and hopelessness?

Like the storms from the hurricane, the personal storms of life can have the same devastating effects on us. I have weathered many storms in my life. At the Women’s Mega Conference in April, I shared about “Personal Storms and How to Uncover Hidden Treasures in the Ruins”. Click below to watch the message.



What storms are you facing?

Perhaps your storm is an abusive marriage, childhood trauma, a child on drugs, a loved one in jail, homelessness, health issues or divorce. Life’s storms attack us at the core of who we are and can leave us wounded, hopeless and vulnerable.
No matter what storm it is, there is hope. You can discover hidden treasures in your personal storm if you will trust Jesus to help you. Jesus will go out of his way to meet you in your storm. He wants to heal and restore you. I know this from experience. He will help you uncover hidden treasures of God’s peace, forgiveness, healing, and love as well as restored relationships, freedom from shame, fear and anxiety.

Call to Action

If you desire to uncover the hidden treasures in your storm, here are three things you can do to weather your storm well.

Be with Jesus – Sit at his feet
1) Do you know Jesus? Do you know him as a friend? He desires to have a relationship with you. He is a rescuer. He desires to rescue you from your storm. If you don’t know him, ask him to come into your heart, accept him as Lord.

Be with Others – Don’t isolate yourself
2) Get into a community of believers where you can receive support, encouragement, and prayers.

Be in the Word – This is where you find true treasures and God’s peace.
3) Get into God’s word daily. Reading God’s word will help you uncover those hidden treasures and overcome. Many of you have smartphones. You can download the Bible App which has many free plans that will help you grow in your relationship with God daily.

Hidden treasures

Can you imagine what your life could be like if you took these actions? We all have storms and if you are not experiencing one right now, just wait. It will come but you do not have to allow the storm to knock you down and you do not have to weather it alone. Jesus will go out of his way to meet you in your storm.

A Gift of Streams in the Desert


What a great month it’s been!

Several big events happened during the last few weeks. These events are a welcomed change from the status quo of continuously being in the “desert”.

I see these events as God’s way of providing streams in our desert experiences. Although our desert was often marked by fears and uncertainties, God showed up in surprising ways.

He makes streams in the desert. I praise Him for his constant faithfulness. On May 27, 2017, I wrote in my journal:

This day is a gift of streams in the desert. more “A Gift of Streams in the Desert”

How God Lifts the Pain of Rejection and Gives Hope


Rejection stings.
Have you ever felt rejected? I have. When we are not accepted by family members, friends, or colleagues we may experience rejection. For example, when a dad is too busy to give attention to his daughter, she may experience feelings of worthlessness.

When a mother favors one child over another who is prettier or smarter, the unfavored child may feel helpless and unworthy. When we are not selected as part of a team or we are passed up for a promotion at work or friends make fun of us because we are too thin or too fat, we may question our worth and value. When a spouse leaves the marriage for another person, the abandoned spouse may feel lost and rejected.

No matter the cause, rejection is deeply painful and it leaves us feeling less than when we are not chosen to be part of the team. It is not unusual to agree with the negative labels of rejecters and embrace the feelings of being unwanted or inferior. more “How God Lifts the Pain of Rejection and Gives Hope”