Strengthen yourself stand in victory

3 Tips on how to strengthen yourself and stand in victory

Strengthen yourself stand in victory


Another medical emergency.
As I waited in the Emergency room, I could sense the discouragement welling up and threatening to overwhelm me. I acknowledged the situation and my feelings, but I knew I could not stay there.

Where do you turn when you are discouraged? Where do you find strength?

Come with me and let’s examine David’s response when he discovered that the Amalekites had taken his wives, family, and livestock as captives. David and his men lost everything including their families. They wept until they had no more strength to weep. In desperation, the men who fought beside David now turned against him and threatened to stone him to death. David was in great distress. In response, David strengthened himself in the Lord. He tapped into a secret strength to unlock God’s hidden power (1 Samuel 30:1-20).


Unlocking God’s hidden power

How do we strengthen ourselves in the Lord and unlock his hidden power when we are discouraged? Imagine you and I are watching as David affirmed his faith in God with these scriptures:

  • I will wait on the Lord and be strong. I will take heart because the Lord is with me (Psalm 27:14).


  • Lord, I am afraid, but I will trust in you because you alone are the Lord that I praise. What can mortal man do to me? (Psalm 56:3-4)


  • You delivered me in the past from a lion’s attack and when Saul pursued me. You kept my feet from stumbling. I trust you Lord (Psalm 56:13).


  • You keep me going when times are tough— you are my bedrock since my childhood. I’ve hung on you from the day of my birth, the day you took me from the cradle; I’ll never run out of praise. Many gasp in alarm when they see me, but you take me in stride (Psalm 71:4-7, MSG).


  • Lord, I know you are near, come quickly to my aid (Psalm 71:12).


  • Lord, I remember your miracles of long ago and meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds (Psalm 77:11-12).


Trials often test our beliefs and cause us to apply our knowledge of God. However, It is through our trials, we learn that God is trustworthy. After David strengthened himself in the Lord, he asked for guidance. The Lord gave David the go-ahead to pursue the Amalekites and that he would succeed in overtaking them (1 Samuel 30:8). David and his men went after the Amalekites and recovered everything including their wives and children. Nothing was missing (1 Samuel 30:18-19).


3 tips to strengthen yourself and unlock God’s hidden power when you face struggles

  • Strengthen yourself in the Lord. Affirm your faith in God. Do like David.
    As I watched the doctors and nurses take care of this health crisis, I recalled who the Lord is in my life and all the times He has helped us in the past. I chose to trust Him. Psalm 119:49 was my lifeline on this day.

Remember your word to your servant,
for you have given me hope. Psalm 119:49

  • Inquire of the Lord. Ask God for guidance.
    I prayed and asked the Lord to take control of the situation. I prayed for wisdom for the doctors to find the correct diagnosis and apply the right medicine. I asked for prayer support.


  • Obey. Do what the Lord tells you to do and trust Him with the outcome.
    I knew in my heart I was not to fret. It was not easy at first, but as I kept affirming my trust in God, I felt a sense of peace.


So, when we find ourselves in a crisis we too can do what David did- Find strength in the Lord our God and stand in victory!

Lord, Blessed be your Name.

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  1. Awesome article! We look to biblical people as perfect at times but they had the same fears, sins and struggles. They needed God like we do.
    Your neighbor on CWBU

    1. Thanks for stopping by. God bless.

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