Encountering God by Name

Encountering God by Name

Encountering God by Name

What is your father’s name and what is he like?

My guess is your response would vary depending on your relationship with your dad. You might give his name, occupation and some general information. However, you would probably share more based on your relationship with him. Perhaps, you might say, my dad is funny, hardworking and a great provider based on your experience with him.

Now let’s consider the same question in the context of God. Who is God and what is he like? Depending on my relationship with him, I might say He is Almighty and the Creator of the universe. However, if I have a personal relationship with him, I would share more about Him just like with my dad. I would share how I have experienced his nature and character as a patient and caring Father.  I would describe His loving heart towards me.

Do you desire to experience deeper intimacy with God?

I would like to invite you to join us in a 14-week study on “Encountering God by Name.”

Each week we will look at a specific name of God, parts of Scripture where God is called by this name, and we will share and discuss how we have been able to encounter God by this name. Knowing and experiencing God by name deepens our understanding of God and who He is. (Get Names)

Beginning on Jan 21, I will share a post every Monday with the specific name we are studying.

If you are in the Durham area, I invite you to join my small group at Cresset Church on Sundays at 9:30 AM or follow along online and share how you have encountered God by a specific name in the comments below.


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