Relentless Love: God, Ms. Kitty and Me

This post is part 2 of last week’s post, “Encountering God by Name: The Lord , my Righteousness.” My friend Tammy Moser shares a story of God’s relentless love for her and Ms. Kitty.

Relentless love-A story of how God pursues us.

The first love of my life was a beautiful little gray kitten with white feet that I named Snickers. I would walk across the street every day to my great uncle’s house to visit her until she was old enough for me to bring home. She was mine alone, and I absolutely adored her.

After several years we moved to another house and sadly, shortly afterward Snickers got sick and died. I remember feeling such deep pain and loneliness when I lost her that it never occurred to me to get another kitten. After all, even in my juvenile mind, I must have thought no other cat could replace her, and I never wanted to go through that pain again.

Meet Beautiful, Independent Miss. Kitty

Fast forward forty-four years and I found myself in another heartbreaking crisis, all alone and wondering if I would ever survive those dark days of sadness, loss, and depression. Again, it never occurred to me to get another kitten to love, hold, and help ease the emotional pain I was experiencing.

It may not have been on my mind but it certainly was on God’s mind, because He always understands our deepest needs and provides for us even when we don’t  know what to ask for. And His provisions are always more than we can hope for or imagine.

One evening as I came home from work and parked in my usual spot in front of my home like I had done for the past thirteen years I opened the car door and heard this little “ meow”.  Suddenly, I saw this beautiful, little calico cat, obviously hungry and wanting attention. Without any hesitation, I began feeding her every morning and evening around 9 pm. I soon realized she was the same Kitty who appeared on my back deck peeping into my window thirteen years ago.

Little did I know, but several other residents of our community had been feeding and caring for her all these years. That is, as much as She would let them. She never completely trusted anyone enough to give her heart away even though she was greatly loved. One couple, Krista and Daniel came every day for seven years to feed Miss. Kitty after they moved away. Obviously, they too loved her deeply.

Eventually, little by little as I gained her trust she would come inside to eat breakfast and then quickly run out the door. It didn’t matter if it was freezing rain, or sweltering heat she wanted out and so I always let her go. Of course, it created anxiety in me because I would wonder, will she be here when I get home tonight, will she be hit by a car or killed by some predator?

Once, she was missing for two days and by God’s grace and much prayer, I found her with the help of my neighbors. She had somehow been trapped in their crawl space.  Krista also told me that years earlier she had gone missing for two months and one day just showed up again, skinny and disheveled. This was her home, her neighborhood and now she was coming into my home and my heart.

God had provided just what I needed and just what Miss. Kitty needed. You would think after all this trauma of missing in action she would gladly have decided to stay permanently with me, but not Miss. Kitty. She continued to want her independent, free life, exposed to all the harsh elements and unforeseen dangers.

 Are you starting to get the picture? How many of us want to run from the care of our Heavenly Father who only wants to give us his best when instead, we think we can figure it all out by ourselves? How are you forfeiting his loving presence, his grace, his guidance, and his mercy in order to live independently in the harsh climate of this sinful dangerous world?

Will you believe that he is patiently waiting to pour out his abundant love on you, guide you and help you navigate the difficult obstacles of life?

The Final Crisis

Kitty came limping up one hot summer evening in July of 2018. By this time, we had our little routine. She would come into the house, stay the evening and leave in the morning. Everything was always on “her terms.” This time I could tell she was really sick, but she left and would not let me help her. Once again, I prayed and prayed and within an hour God in his mercy brought Kitty to my door and inside my home.

After several visits by the Local Mobile Vet, getting antibiotic injections and treatment for her large abscess Kitty slowly started to get better. I even managed to put warm wet compresses on her little wound for several weeks in order to help with her recovery. Miss. Kitty found herself happily running up and down the stairs, jumping on the sofa, my bed or curling up on any soft spot she could find in the house when she wanted to take a nap or sleep the night away in total peace and quiet.

Relentless Love-Kitty and Tammy
Miss. Kitty relaxing with Tammy

After sixteen and a half years Miss. Kitty had finally found her way home. And quite amazingly for this little independent, intelligent beautiful cat who lived most of her life outside she was very content to be at home in my house. And honestly, it thrilled me as much or more than it did her. Because, if you remember, I too was in a crisis and for almost five years she was one of God’s wonderful gifts that helped bring healing into my life and heart.

Like many people say, our pets become our family, and she certainly was mine. I miss her terribly, but I also thank the Lord for every minute we had together. Because, little did I know that after only five months of choosing to live inside with me, she would die upstairs in my bedroom, out of the cold, the wind, the rain and out of danger from a tumor.  God provided hospice care for little Miss. Kitty in the last days of her life.

Finally, she had accepted from me what others had wanted to give to her all along, a loving comfortable home free of charge. Miss. Kitty in some ways lived her life like the story of the prodigal son in the Bible. She preferred her independence, having everything on her terms, doing as she pleased, living free and she suffered a lot.

Constantly on edge, not truly relaxed because she was mostly alone and having to fend for herself. But how gracious of God to bring Kitty into my life so I could love her, take care of her and be loved by her. I hope that you will see how this story is such a beautiful picture of God’s love and tender care for all he has created. Man and beast.

Relentless Love_Kitty 2002-2019

Do you wonder if God really cares about you? Are you in a difficult place emotionally, physically or financially? Maybe you feel directionless. My prayer is that as you see how God demonstrated his love and care for this little Kitty and me over and over again you also will come to realize how much more he loves you.

I hope you will take time to recognize all the ways he has tried to reach out to you and continues to reach out his loving arms waiting for you to run to him. Jesus loves you!

But don’t just take my word for it. Please read: John 3:16, Jeremiah 31:3, Song of Solomon 2:4, 1 John 3:1, 1 John 4:10

Believe he loves you and trust Him. Let this be the First Day of the rest of your life!

Relentless Love

Tammy Moser is a native of North Carolina. She is a daughter chosen and loved by God and a children’s leader in BSF International. She is passionate about traveling to Italy and France, and studying the language, art, and culture. Tammy is a nurse and ballet dancer who loves her Lord Jesus, her family, friends and her little Miss. Kitty.

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