God of Angel Armies. He is the God who protects us and fight our battles.

Encountering God by Name: God of Angel Armies

Today’s post is by my sister and friend, Ms. Keji Cole. No matter the situation you are facing, I pray that her story will encourage you to trust the God of Angel Armies. This is a continuation of our series on Encountering God by Name.

God of Angel Armies. He is the God who fights our battles for us.

This is my Story

My journey began in June 2003 and through it, I have experienced the God of Angel Armies in new ways. My struggles and troubles were numerous, but I never felt alone.

As a young woman, I had fantasies about getting married and what life would be like.  My spouse and I met back home in Nigeria through a close friend. It was a long-distance relationship, but eventually, we got married. I was excited and looked forward to a new life together. When I joined my spouse in the U. S. in 2003, reality set in. I realized we were a perfect mismatch.

To say the marriage was challenging would be an understatement as I endured a lot of emotional, physical, financial distress. I was in a new country far from home and knew no one.

My experience of the God of Angel Armies

But the God of Angel Armies saw my distress. He saw the abuse and came to my rescue. He mobilized his angels in the form of friends, friends of friends and strangers who rallied around and helped me navigate the turbulent times.  A friend I met at church paid for my driving school, and drove my son and I to church every Sunday.

Another set of God’s armies, who heard my story came together to provide financial support so I could attend classes to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. With a driver’s license, a car and training, I had some independence, a means of getting to work and financial freedom. This allowed me to care for myself, and my children and help my siblings and aging father back home.

I experienced so much pain like the loss of my full-term pregnancy, living like a maid in my own home, and walking for miles in the snow or in the hot summer sun to get medication for my sick child.  Some of the pain is too hard to talk about and I could go on and on, but I share my story to encourage others who may be going through a similar situation. My heart is full of unending praise to Jesus for His unending Love.

God works in ways we cannot see or fathom. I have learned to trust His ways and not doubt His leading. Through it all, I testify to God’s faithfulness. He provided legal support through Legal Aid to help me navigate a difficult marriage and by His grace I became a U. S. citizen this year.

Thank you to all the Angel Armies that God mobilized on my behalf. Every day I pray for all the beautiful vessels God used to reach out to me in so many ways. I pray that your children and future generations will reap the fruits of your seeds of love in Jesus Name.  Amen!

Friend, what difficulties are you currently facing? God makes all things beautiful in His time. No matter how long it takes… though it tarries wait for it because He will surely come through for you. He is a Faithful Father and His will is perfect concerning all His children. As the God of Angel Armies, He makes all things well with your soul.

Scriptures for Encouragement: 2 Chronicles 32:8, 2 Kings 6:15-17, 1 Samuel 1:11, Psalm 33:16-20, Zechariah 4:6

Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

Keji Cole is a mother of three beautiful children and a Nigerian American who resides in Charlotte, NC.  She holds an MBA degree and a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate. She currently works in a Long Term Care Facility. She is the daughter of the Most-High God and the Apple of His eye!

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