Never Forget the sacrifice of Jesus

Never Forget

Never Forget the sacrifice of Jesus

Do you have events in your life you never want to forget?

Events such as my wedding, the birth of my children, the death of my parents and the day I was baptized stand out in my mind. I can never forget them.

But one event stands out above all and I must never forget. It is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Never forget, Jesus was:

  • Wrongfully arrested.
  • Bound.
  • Falsely accused.
  • Struck in the face multiple times.
  • Flogged.
  • Innocent, yet treated like a criminal.
  • Crowned with thorns stuck in his head.
  • Crucified on a wooden cross.
  • Rejected as King and Messiah.

  • They cast lots for his clothes.
  • They nailed his hands and feet to the cross.
  • They pierced his sides with a spear.
  • He was thirsty and instead of water, they gave him sour vinegar from a sponge to wet his lips.

  • Jesus, the Son of God, faced a gruesome death in exchange my sins and yours.
  • By his death, he snatched us from hellfire, damnation, and condemnation.
  • He died so you and I might be redeemed.
  • He died so that all who believe in him will abundant life and the hope of eternity.

Never forget.

  • On the cross, he rolled away our burdens.
  • Because of the cross, we receive grace, new sight, and new life.
  • Never forget.
  • The lamb of God who took it upon himself to shed his blood for your sin.
  • Never forget the victory he won for you.

What happens if we forget?

Asa the great-grandson of Solomon was king of Judah. He removed idols from the land and commanded the people to seek the Lord. When he faced a threat of war with the Ethiopian army, Asa called to the Lord and he crushed the Ethiopian army. Because he depended on the Lord, the land enjoyed peace for many years (2 Chronicles 14:1-6, 11-12).

But soon Asa forgot the Lord.

He forgot how the Lord delivered him from his enemies and gave the land peace. When he faced another threat of war, instead of turning to the Lord he formed an alliance with a pagan king (2 Chronicles 16:1-4).

Like Asa, we too may forget the cross and what it cost Jesus. As we rely on ourselves, we are lulled into complacency with a false sense of security and pride (2 Chronicles 16:9-13).

Instead of being foolish like king Asa, may the sacrifice of Jesus spark a fresh fire in our souls. May we never forget Jesus who conquered death and the grave so you and I might be free. May we go all out for him.

  • Never forget, remain in him.
  • Never forget where he’s brought you from.
  • Never forget his grace, mercy, and love that took you out of the pit and mire.
  • Never forget the victory he has already won for you.
  • Above all never forget that because of his sacrifice on the cross,
  • You and I have abundant and eternal life.

Never forget. Remain in him.

What does the cross mean to you and how will you keep from forgetting how much it cost Jesus?

Prayer: Lord, in the busyness of life, it is easy to fall back to depending on myself and embracing worthless idols. Help me to keep the cross at the forefront of my mind so I never forget your great sacrifice and love for me. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Further Encouragement: John 18-20, 1 John 2:26-27, Isaiah 53:5

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