My only hope is in you

My Only Hope is in you

My hope is in you

Have you ever asked a question and then answered your own question? Many times, when I am in the middle of a chaotic situation and at the end of my resources, I ask myself questions such as, “What are you going to do?” and “Will you give in to self-pity and despair or trust God?”

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  1. Stories of Hope: Having Only Perfect Eyesight - Hidden Treasures and Riches

    […] God owns hope; in fact, He overflows with hope. He’s got hope to spare. It’s shareware. He transfers His hope to the souls of mankind… to my soul and yours. As we look to Him in anticipation, our trust anchors to Him. Trusting God in the uncertainties of life is comparable to a ship anchoring to a rock through stormy seas. We rely on the solid rock who is Christ. He is our hope in fretful seas of emotional distress, lightning bolts of sudden trauma, and endless cold rains of illness… even through the shivering dis-ease of imbalance. He is our hope to ride out the storm. […]

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