Crushed Bones

Let the Crushed Bones Rejoice

Crushed Bones

July 5, 2015.

On this day, four years ago, my family’s bones were broken and crushed. The breaking and crushing were not malicious, rather, they were an act of mercy.

Before lightning struck our home and set it ablaze, I considered my family to be strong and high achieving. We were what you might consider hard-working and good people.

But the fire broke and crushed us. It left us homeless and stripped us of our self-sufficiency. We had to depend on the generosity of others. The crushing forced us to reconsider our priorities and ask tough questions. We wrestled with God as we examined his place in each of our lives.

Personally, I asked myself questions like is God at the center or the margins in my life or is he out completely? It took time, a lot of prayers, and waiting on God to see the purpose of the breaking and crushing.

Slowly as I gained perspective, my view of God began to change. He was no longer on the periphery. The crushing moved God squarely into the center of my life and four years later he still has prominence.

Looking back…

Today I look back with joy and gladness to see all that God has done. In our weaknesses, as we relied on God, he took our broken pieces and infused his strength into each piece. Though we are still imperfect pieces, we rejoice that his love and mercy hold us together.

The cry of my heart today is, Let the crushed bones rejoice!

What bone crushing are you experiencing today? How can you ask Jesus to let you hear his joy and gladness in your present situation?

Prayer: Father, thank you for your love and mercies. Like a master surgeon, you carefully set each broken bone and infuse it with yourself. You are the glue that holds the broken pieces together and allows them to function well. Lord, by your power, these crushed bones rejoice again. I bless you, Lord. Amen.

Further Encouragement: Psalm 34:17-19


  1. Amen!! I love this scripture. It was a much needed reminder today! ~Keishawna

    1. Keishawna, I’m glad the scripture blessed you. May the Lord meet you at the point of your needs.

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