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Unleash Your Hidden Potential

My vision is to inspire women to unleash their hidden potential, embrace their purpose, take action to create fulfilling lives (their best lives) and make a positive impact in the world.

Tope Keku, ACC, is a graduate of the leading Business and Professional coach training program in North Carolina. The program administered through the North Carolina State University, provides International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Coaching Certificate Programs to accomplished professionals interested in becoming certified and/or credentialed coaches.

My Coaching Packages

Uniquely You

Embrace your uniqueness and get clear on your vision with this starter package. Provides support in gaining clarity to determine who you are, what you want, and how you want to be. Get clear on your identity. (Self-Discovery, Confidence, change from inside out, discover your unique gifts, work with your inner critique, cultivate courage, authenticity and compassion)

  • 3 months coaching
  • Six 60-minute sessions

New Perspective

Awaken your self-awareness and stimulate your thinking so you can get clarity on your purpose and step into your potential. Transformation begins with a shift in your mindset so you can get out of your own way, identify obstacles and options, increase your confidence and experience a fulfilling life. (overcome fear of unknown, imposter syndrome, feeling like you don’t belong, identity, creative thinking, mind mapping, visual coaching)

  • 4 months coaching
  • Eight 60-minute sessions
  • Just in time Coaching, email and phone support (as needed)


Experience transformational change that brings out the best in you. Manage your life and career in meaningful and satisfying ways in partnership with a dynamic coach to accomplish your personal and professional goals. Long term coaching allows you to apply what you are learning in a trusted partnership with a coach that can provide guidance and support as you move forward towards greater success and unleash your full potential. (Transitions, career/life change, work-life balance, Self-care, Advance in Career)

  • 6 months coaching
  • Thirteen 60-minute sessions
  • Just in time Coaching, email and phone support (as needed)

God's planted a jewel within you. Let's discover it together so you can enjoy your life again.

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