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Would I really get anything out of coaching? Tope answered my questions in a manner that was an immensely pleasant realization of just how valuable good coaching can be. My favorite part of coaching with Tope was her willingness to engage in thought partnership with me. She allowed me to bounce ideas off of her. She enthusiastically encouraged me to think through processes. --Kim H., NC
Dr. Kim H.
I was worried that coaching would take time away from my projects. But I learned it was time well invested. My productivity and clarity with my work improved! I really appreciated the structure, expectation, and homework which helped me accomplish my goals. The best part of coaching was having dedicated time to work on myself and the difficult things that kept me from moving forward. With Tope as your coach, she will help you so much to get "unstuck," gain confidence, and spiritual energy to accomplish that next item on your list!
Dr. Miriam B.
Tope is delightful to work with. She is fun, energetic and engaging. She helps you stay on track and be focused. She is genuinely interested in helping women reach their goals and bring glory to the Lord. Her own life experiences of being a wife, mother, professor, mentor, Bible Study leader, and book author combined with her training as a coach makes for an excellent combination. It brings Tope much joy to help others grow into their full potential. Go for it, you will be blessed and so will those around you as they see you grow and become all that God intended for you to be. Coaching with Tope is an investment to help you become your “Best Self.”
Tammy M.
My biggest concern when I first started coaching was that I wasn't good enough to be in the PhD program. Tope helped me to see where my strengths lie and coached me to identify my true value. Tope guided me through finding solutions that worked for me and didn't tell me what to do. The tools Tope provided throughout the process will help me be successful in the future.
Ennassa C.
When I started with Coach Tope, I really wondered if this would work. I didn’t want to have someone treat me differently after sharing my honest thoughts. Coach Tope never made me feel condemnation, and I always left feeling refreshed after each session. I soon discovered she has a knack for getting to the root of the problem and is a great supporter in the process. She depends on the Holy Spirit to guide the sessions, and something lifted and shifted. These coaching sessions ushered in a season of transition. She helps you see the reality of God’s love and the fact that He enjoys your presence. Coaching with Tope is a life-changing experience. Pick up the phone and call today.
Andrea F.
My favorite part of coaching was the surprises that I got with every session! No matter what issue or struggle I brought to our sessions, Tope was able to coach me through it! I am an academic and I love to read and research, so I greatly appreciated the fact that Tope always suggested other great resources (e.g. books, programs/workshops) that could help me delve deeper into the things we discussed in a coaching session. Tope is a great coach because she is thoughtful, non-judgemental, authentic, and a great listener. To get the most out of coaching you have to be willing to be vulnerable and that is hard to do. Having someone who you trust and feel safe with is very important. Tope has a very warm and gentle spirit and she is very wise. I felt safe with her. I always felt that she had my best interest in heart and that there was no ulterior motive other than to help me identify and overcome the barriers to being my best self. I would recommend her with the highest possible level of enthusiasm!
Dr. Crystal C.
I would say that my biggest concern before coaching was feeling overwhelmed about the next steps after graduation from college. My favorite part of coaching is how I felt after each session. Being able to talk through my issues, relieved my stress, and made me feel heard and supported. With coaching, I found peace about my situation and made the next best move. I count myself very lucky to have such a special coach. Dr. Keku is awesome, you're going to love her!
Uchenna U.
At the beginning of the year, I had no idea what my next steps would be after graduation. I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted my future to look like. Dr. Keku provided judgment-free sessions, where I could freely imagine what I wanted and clearly see my vision. My favorite part of coaching was sharing my wins of the week because it made me appreciate the little things in my life. I became more aware of some areas in my life that I need to grow. I also gained valuable tools for effective communication and rational decision-making. I would highly recommend Dr. Keku to my friends because she helped me see how I can be the best version of myself. She is very understanding and patient.
Pascaline U.

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