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Tope is a Speaker, Author, Mentor, mentor and Bible teacher with a passion for women and their relationships. Life is messy and often leads to broken relationships. Tope encourages women in facing challenges such difficult marriages, financial issues, and relationships to embrace their identity in Jesus and the hope that He offers. She inspires women to develop a hunger for God’s word and apply it to their daily situations. Her desire is to see relationships restored and lives transformed. Women can expect to learn how to walk in greater spiritual authority, move out of limiting mindsets and walk in their purpose.

The Road to Beautiful: Embracing God’s purpose for your life

Come with Tope on an adventure like no other. This exciting journey marked by detours, landslides, potholes, and other attractions leads to a place where you embrace God’s perspective and know that His plans for you are good no matter the situation. She is a master storyteller who draws inspiration from real-life stories and biblical examples to show that trials are a bridge to a deeper relationship with God. Participants will gain a deeper understanding that only God can fulfill their deepest desires.

Who am I? Holding fast to who He is while discovering who you are

He sees you. He loves you. He knows you intimately even to the smallest detail. You are always on His mind and never far from His thoughts. He pursues you relentlessly. To Him, you are a masterpiece, a beautiful crown of splendor, redeemed and no longer deserted. He calls you by a new name. In this session, Tope shares what it means to belong to Christ, who you are and how that affects the way you live. Women will come away encouraged to open their gifts daily and confidently claim the spiritual blessings that are already theirs in Christ Jesus.

Becoming a woman of influence

Are you comfortable asking for what you want? Do you feel frustrated when it comes to asking for what you really need? Does fear hold you back? In Bible times, women’s rights were very limited compared to our modern world. Through the Biblical example of the daughters of Zelophehad, participants will gain insights on how to negotiate for their needs. Let these sisters show you how to challenge the status quo and look for equitable solutions.

The art of effective negotiation: Asking for what you want

God is very good at positioning people to make a difference. Ruth and Elizabeth are examples of women who made a difference in the lives of others. Drawing on these biblical characters and personal experience Tope will explore what it is like to be a woman of influence through coaching and mentoring. Women will gain insights on how to influence others by being authentic and by doing life together.

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