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7 Ways to Delight in the Lord in 2021


Imagine holding your newborn baby for the first time. What feelings come up for you as you look at this bundle of joy?

I can still remember what it felt like the first time I held each of my children… though I was still exhausted from the delivery, the sunshine and awe that flooded my soul as I looked at their tiny toes and little fingers was…

Pure love and joy!

My one-word for this year is Delight.

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It’s a tradition for me to pray about my one-word for the New Year. Instead of making a New Year resolution, this word becomes my lens for the year.

In case you’re wondering what holding a newborn has to do with 2021, let me tell you. It was the first picture that came to mind when I tried to imagine what it would like to Delight in the Lord.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give your heart’s desires. Psalm 37:4

What is One-word or scripture verse that will guide you in 2021? How will you apply it to your life?

I’m already loving my one-word!  I’ve had several confirmations from my daily devotions and other readings. To delight in the Lord is to make him the object of our affection and the center of our lives.

Even if Delight is not your one-word, you and I can still benefit from delighting in the Lord. What would delight in the Lord look like, and what are the benefits?

Delight in the Lord

7 Ways to Delight Yourself in the Lord

Thankfully, we have some help from Psalm 37:1-8

1.       Trust in the Lord.

In 2021 there will be moments of blessings and hardships. We can set our mind to trust in God’s character in every situation, and as we do, we will experience his peace.

2.       Commit my ways to him

I’m often guilty of running ahead with my own ideas. If we want to delight in the Lord, we must commit our ways to him and not lean on our own understanding, seek him in prayer, ask for wisdom, and allow him to order our steps.

3.       Abide in him

Abiding means to stay close to the Lord. Dwelling in him is having a close, intimate relationship just like a tree and its roots. The benefits are provision (enjoy safe pasture) and security.

4.       Be still and wait patiently on him

I don’t know about you, but being still and waiting patiently is challenging for me. Worship helps me to be still. Singing/listening to my favorite hymns and songs helps me linger, express my heart towards God, and enjoy time with him. Whether it is singing songs or meditating on his word, or simply sitting in his presence, let’s be intentional this year to spend quality time with him. Busyness can rob us of the joy of delighting in the Lord.

5.       Enjoy his creation

When was the last time you stood in awe as you watched a beautiful sunset, sunrise, or a full moon? God’s creation is all around us. We can delight not only in him but his creation. Next time you are out in nature, take some time to notice God’s awesomeness through his creation. When next a friend calls or sends a text message to encourage you, notice God in that and thank him.  

6.       Refrain from anger

Negative emotions have their place, but if we let them consume us, they will lead to harm. Life may not always go the way we want it, but we can still enjoy God’s best — give him our expectations, embrace compassion,  and extend grace to ourselves and others.

7.       Do not fret

I’m familiar with this one! I bet you are too. When we worry and fret over circumstances that are beyond our control, we allow the enemy to steal our peace and joy. But embracing God’s love and resting in his presence and promises will leave us overflowing in the fullness of his joy.

So,  to sum it up, delighting in the Lord in 2021, will look like seeking his kingdom first and receiving his blessings. The blessings are just icing on the cake!

As we grow closer to God and yield to his desires, the more we will delight in him and as we do, our peace and joy will increase. He will also show us all the ways we delight Him.

Cheers to a joy-filled 2021!

What is your One-word or scripture verse that will guide you in 2021? Please share in the comments.

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