Break Camp and Move on Hidden Treasures and Riches

Break Camp and Move on

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A new year has arrived. 

You may be like me, still processing all that occurred last year.  Processing emotions and challenging times are good, but we must not stay too long in that place. When we stay too long, one way or another those who love us will help us move on from there. I have been in relationships, jobs, a specific emotional state of mind, for too long on several occasions.

When I stayed too long, it stunted growth in me, kept me closed, and kept me from reaching out to others to help them or to be helped. The ache in my heart, the need to argue over every little thing, the stress and tears told me when I stayed too long. 

What are your signals or who is that person that tells you that you have overstayed your time?

It is time to move forward from so much that we have all struggled with, grown through, and experienced up to this point. In the 40th year of wandering for the Israelites, Moses gives a word from God, telling the Israelites they have been on the mountain long enough, it is time to break camp and move on.

In breaking camp, there are people and animals to gather, there are things to take apart, things to take down, fires to put out, tent stakes to take out of the ground, belongings to pack up and secure for the next stop on the journey. In breaking camp, there most likely were things that had to be left behind or trash needing to be gotten rid of.

It is not an easy or quick task to move from one place to another, just as it may not be easy for you to work through your troubles and move to the next place. It is a process that takes strength to dry the tears. It takes hope and faith, encouragement from others to believe that something better is waiting. It takes reflection and forward vision. It takes prayer and Holy Spirit guidance to decide what goes and what stays.

Break camp and move on

What from this season in your life should you take with you to the next? 

What are the things you need to let go of? 

For me, there was a grief to process, from a loss too difficult to even imagine, where I cried so many days until my heart physically ached. There were sad days when I desperately wanted the ability to see my family across the country and hug them for days. There were months when I waited anxiously for a job, as I watched my bank account dwindle to zero.

I could have stayed in a very low place for a long time, but it was time to break camp and move on from that mountain. Perhaps you can relate to my times of being afraid to move forward because the path ahead is unknown. Sometimes we stay too long because it is a familiar place. 

There are times when I become too comfortable and God has to remove me from situations so I can move to where He needs me. There are times in our lives when we feel like we have been wandering in circles. Maybe we need to learn something. Maybe we get too comfortable and refuse to change.

We must listen to the voice of God and move when He calls.  Break camp, disturb what is in place, and step forward in our faith journey to the next season. Loves, I encourage you to prayerfully consider where you have stayed too long (state of mind, not moving in our purpose, friendship, or relationship). 

If you are struggling with circumstances that make it challenging to move on, please ask for support and prayer, whether through this website, community, friends, church, medical, or mental health professionals.  You are not expected to break camp and move on alone.  I will pray for and walk with you.

God has already gone before you to prepare the way and will equip you to set up camp in the next steps of your life journey. Meditate on God’s word, be prayerful, enlist support from your tribe/circle/community.  Identify the mountain, take what you need, leave what doesn’t belong, and move on. 

There will be circumstances that test us.  There will be joys and sorrows, victories, and defeat.  God remains faithful. 

Break camp and move on_2

The Lord our God said to us, “You have stayed at this mountain long enough. It is time to break camp and move on.” Deuteronomy 1:6-7NLT

Today’s guest post is by Carrie Daniels. As we process the challenges and all that occurred last year, she encourages us not to stay too long there but to break camp, move on, and trust in God’s guidance.

Bio: Carrie Daniels is a Mom of four, Grandmother of two. She was raised in Minnesota and moved to North Carolina in 2015. In addition to her love of Jesus and family, Carrie works as a project manager, enjoys traveling, and loves shoes. She is passionate about sharing her domestic and sexual violence survivor story through poetry, writing, and speaking. You can connect with Carrie on her website

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