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How to Have an Entrusted and Empowered Mindset to Love


Whatever you are, whatever you become, and whatever you have  remember they are gifts.

What comes when you think about this statement?

A Listening Heart

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Growing up, I heard this statement from my parents and other adults. It was their way of reminding us young ones not to boast. This saying has stayed with me over the years.


To really understand this saying, let’s look at  Psalm 24:1

God claims the world as his. 
Everything and everyone belongs to him. 
Psalm 24:1 TPT

Do you own a car? Do you own a home? Do you have a job?

This verse encourages you and me to take another look at our mindset about everything we value including our goals, desires, accomplishments, houses, cars, jobs, families, relationships, children, and spouses. They all belong to God.

Since everything under heaven belongs to God, it means you and I have been entrusted with great gifts.

We own nothing.

We are stewards of God’s grace, goodness, and love.

Entrusted Stewards

Stewards are Entrusted and Empowered to love others well.

We are entrusted stewards. God has great confidence in us that he put us in charge of everything he owns. 

Think about that for a moment!

This my friend is an act of great love.

God’s great love for you

God’s great love for me.

Not only has God entrusted us with all that belongs to him, he also empowers us to love Him and others.

What is your response to God’s great love?

With the growing racial tensions in the country, we can easily forget that we are stewards.

Remember, the world and everything in it belongs to God.

Let us reflect on this truth and allow God’s great trust to influence how we treat others. It doesn’t matter whether you are brown, black, or white, we all belong to God. Let us see each other through His eyes of grace and love.

Let us do away with hatred, infighting, division, disunity, and backbiting, and bickering. Instead, let us have deep, meaningful, and respectful conversations.


Because as God’s children, you and I are entrusted and empowered to love.

Not only did God entrust us with all that belongs to him, but he also paid an enormous price with the death of Jesus on the cross to redeem you, me, every person, every tribe, every language, every people group, and nation. Revelation 5:9.

As Empowered Sons and Daughters, let us allow God’s truth to motivate us to love Him and others enough to…   

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves;
ensure justice for those being crushed.
Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless,
and see that they get justice. 
Proverbs 31:8-9.

How to have an Entrusted and Empowered Mindset

As an entrusted and empowered child of God, you can choose to:

·        Renew your mindset: Reflect on Psalm 24:1 and use it to refresh and renew your mind. Let it guide your outlook on life.

·        Love: God loves you enough to entrust you with everything he created. Friend, God loves you! Accept his love and let it motivate you to love others well.

·        Practice gratitude: Since you and I own nothing and us are the recipients of God’s generosity, give thanks for everything and in every situation.

Do you desire to be free?

Living an entrusted life brings glory to God and frees us to love well and live like His masterpiece.

What is your response to being an entrusted and empowered son or daughter? How will you allow this to inspire you to work for peace in your community?

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