Discover New Paths to Success — Featuring Sandra Love - Hidden Treasures and Riches

Discover New Paths to Success — Featuring Sandra Love

Trauma to triumph: Healing from Childhood Trauma
Hidden Treasures and Riches
Healing the Soul from Trauma: How a Relationship with God Helps Survivors Thrive

There’s been times where I have just been frustrated not knowing it was me that was self sabotaging and I would play the blame game. No one wins this game, right? It’s what Adam did. Okay? God, if the woman you gave me, wow, Adam, you just blamed God and Eve right? And the, the point of the best game is to play the blessing game.

Sandra Love

[00:00:34] Tope: Hello there. Welcome to Treasures and Truth Tope. I’m excited to have you here today. I’m your host, Dr. Tope Keku. Everyone wants to feel happy, but it’s so easy to lose hope and feel defeated in a chaotic world that is so full of problems. This podcast is all about helping you discover the hidden treasures in your trials so you can renew your confidence and live in freedom.

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So if you are going through a difficult season and need encouragement, you will find support here. And so, before we begin, let me ask you a favor. If this podcast inspires or encourages you, please subscribe. Leave a rating and a review to help spread the word. So now on the show today, I have a special guest who is a corporate consultant and trainer.

She’s a dynamic keynote speaker and an exciting entreo. She’s published. She’s a published author and the inventor of the best, a blis boosting storytelling game that helps improve clarity strategy. And community about who you are, what you want, and your influence on others. She’s the mom of two teenagers, so she’s very active, but she’s always fun to be around.

Today she’ll share with us her journey of entrepreneurship. And if you are an entro or thinking about standard business, you don’t want to miss to this shoe. So please join me in welcoming Miss Sandra. Love to this show. Sandra, welcome. It’s a pleasure to have you on Treasures and Truth with Topic.

[00:02:26] Sandra: It’s an honor and a pleasure for me. Thank you so much. What a blessing this is and a blessing you are to the community of who you’re impacting. Thank you so much, tope.

[00:02:38] Tope: You are very welcome. Ah, so it’s so good to see you. I wish our listeners could see your beautiful face.

But, so I would like to start us off with asking you to tell us a little, just a little brief background about yourself. I know you grew up in Haiti so that, tell us a little bit about that transition and whatever else you would like to share.

[00:03:02] Sandra: Yes, absolutely. So I was born in Porta Prince Haiti.

I’m one out of 12 kids. And I came to America, Jacksonville, Florida in 1982. So I’ve been in Jacksonville pretty much all my life. So the reason why I feel qualified to be able to help people navigate through the three types of conflict, which we’ll talk about later, is because when you grow up in a house with 12 kids and you only have one bathroom, you better learn how to navigate through conflict, especially if you’re the baby.

Right? I’m number eight outta 12. Oh, wow. The background.

[00:03:44] Tope: That’s interesting. So you are number eight out of 12?

[00:03:48] Sandra: Yes ma’am. Wow. Very full childhood. Lot of strong personalities. I always thought I was like a beta or softer personality. People started saying, Sandra, you’re a alpha female. I was like, I don’t even know what an alpha female is.

And when I looked it up, I was like, strong, assertive, powerful. I was like, that’s not Meles. They’re my sisters. I’m the, I’m the one that submits, I’m the opposite, but because my family. Was so strong. I didn’t know I was actually strong To other people’s perspective, it’s amazing how we can have blind spots and not see who we are.

Because when you’re around a lot of powerful people, you can’t see how powerful you are, right? Yes, yes.

[00:04:32] Tope: Wow. That’s interesting. So, so it took, it took other people reflecting that back to you for you to be able to see it for yourself.

[00:04:42] Sandra: Absolutely. I used to fight them. I’m like, I’m not a, a strong female.

I’m a pushover. I’m not what they’re saying. No way. But in business you do have to be assertive and decisive and resourceful, and I guess, I have those traits, but because my older siblings were so much stronger than me, I always seen them as the beautiful one, as the brilliant one, as the strong one, as the powerful one.

I’ve always looked up to them. So I never really looked at me until people started showing me my blind spots and, and showing me why entrepreneurship really pursued me. I really didn’t see myself as a person doing business, but it’s been definitely been a calling and a great journey.

[00:05:26] Tope: Wow. So now that’s a good place to segue into the next question I have for you.

So, in that journey towards establishing yourself I mean, given that you are one, you are number eight out of 12, you, you have a lot of experience with people in one household. Yes. And so how did you transition to, Into business?

[00:05:53] Sandra: So it’s a funny story. You know, I end up going to University of North Florida

And dated someone that put me in a lot of debt. So my dad raised me to pay off my debt. So I immediately started getting a job that could help me get out of debt and I end up being really good at sales. Naturally. My very first job was working for a security company, and I did well at that.

Everyone said, how can you sell appointments to sell security systems over the phone? It’s my first job. I was grateful. I tried to apply at McDonald’s and Denny’s. No one would hire me. I. So when I got this job at the security company making appointments, I was just so grateful to have a job cuz my dad retired when I was 15 and I’ve been on my own financially since I was 15.

So being just so grateful. It’s funny how gratitude. Is so empowering. I just was like, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to be successful and to make this work. I did not know telemarketing was difficult until someone told me later. How did you do that at 15 years old? How did you become the number one person on the phone?

And then I ended up getting three promotions at that job. And then, and college is when I got into debt and I had to drop outta school. Started working at this at and t company, telemarketing again was successful in that. Long story short, I started getting the car business because I seen an ad, and again, I have before it’s Gump anointing.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that movie before. It’s Gump. Yes. Gum had a grace and a gift to just obey. Okay? And I feel like that has been like my strength. I know how to submit and obey. I was trained very well by my older, stronger siblings. You, you, you shut up and you obey. They tell you to jump, you say how high and you go for it, right?

And so from, from that at and t company to going into the car business. I did very well in the automobile industry and from the automobile industry. I end up saying I need to do something for the Kingdom of God. Cause I was not happy, even though I was making six figures in the car industry. I was in a marriage I was not happy with.

And I end up getting out of that marriage. I think I, I was married. I got married when I was like 20. We had five cars in the driveway. We had plenty of money in the bank account, but I was making great advancements in the automobile industry, but I didn’t have fulfillment, so I figured, let me get rid of this husband.

Okay. And let me go ahead and start a business. And I started my very first business when I was I wanna say 25 called BIS Guide Incorporated. So entrepreneurship. Has been an, an incredible humbling lots of failures, lot of stumbling blocks, lot of mistakes, but it has developed me to be the person that I am and it, and it, and it, and it challenges me to expose not only my blind spots, but to fall in love with challenges and, and being challenged.

And giving people an opportunity to develop themselves through my entrepreneurship journey. So that’s how I kind of got into it. It was bad relationships, bad choices, debt, lack of fulfillment. Let me do something that maybe will fulfill me and it did still didn’t fulfill me. But that’s how it kind of got into my, my entrepreneurship journey.

That’s what started.

[00:09:22] Tope: Oh, wow. Wow. That is a long journey starting out in selling security working with in different, in different aspects. And, and you were only 15. I mean, I can’t even, I can’t even begin to imagine you know, what I was doing at 15. But, but, but to, to, to know that you had the wherewithal to say, you know, I have a vision.

I wanna go after it. I know I don’t wanna stay in debt and whatever I need to do, I’m willing to do it. And so you just kept, I, I guess what I, I hear you say is you just kept moving forward. When one door shut, you found another door open and you walked through that door and then, but then you had all of this success at age 20.

But it was not fulfilling. And so, and then you were married and even that was not fulfilling. And so my question is when, when did God come into the picture for you? What you know, given that you. Given that you were in that place or discontent.

[00:10:32] Sandra: So this is my favorite part.

We, we kind of have to rewind a little bit because when I was a little girl, God gave me a visitation. I didn’t know what it was at the time cause I was raised Catholic. My stepmom was seventh Day Adventis. My mom and my dad got divorced when I was like two years old. Maybe one or two. Cuz I came in the country when I was two.

I don’t remember the details, but I remember when I was like seven, between seven years old and 12 years old. Very blurry, but I remember having an encounter with God, and God visited me and told me, you’re a Haitian missionary to America. Plot twist, right? Like I was very offended by this visitation.

He showed me how the world was gonna be very, very difficult. Very chaotic. And I’m a little girl and I remember being offended that cuz I’m thinking I’m American first of all, and how can I be a Haitian missionary to America? Okay. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I don’t believe in women preachers.

I’m raced Catholic. Okay. So a lot of, a lot of I, I remember crying for hours to the point where my elder sister, one of my older sisters, had to comfort me for hours. I wept and wept and wept after this vision, seeing how America was going to be turned in a, a place that at the time, It was a great country, but when the vision I seen America was gonna go through a, a, a, a really crazy trial.

And so at that young age is one of my first vision. I became an atheist at 15 cause I kept getting molested. I. Before that vision and after that vision, I didn’t know what was it about me that made people disrespect and dishonor me. And so from that vision to, I got born again at 15, no, I’m sorry, I became atheist at 15.

At 18 in my college dorm. I end up asking God to baptize me in the Holy Spirit and. He told me to start in this thing called G U I D E, God Guide Ministries, God’s Unified Inspiration, diverse Ensemble. And again, I’m 18 years old a couple, three months before I was an atheist. So I’m realizing at this point that God is way more powerful than when I think and what I believe, and he’s more interested in me getting in alignment with what he believes.

So God entered that situation at 18, I immediately started a, a organization at University of North Florida called Guide Ministries. Started doing these unity festivals. And from the Unity festivals is why I realized at 25 I needed to do biz Guide, cuz I know God told me to do G U I D E.

And. I, I knew that entrepreneurship, I had a Joseph coat of Joseph on me. I’m one of 12 kids. And whatever I touch is blessed. But the f the lack of fulfillment was me trying to figure out, okay, God, you have something for me to do. I’m not clear. I’m not trained on how to do it or where to do it.

But you keep. Blessing me. When it comes to business. So that’s when God entered it when I was in a little girl, and then a visitation at 18. And then a visitation really last December of 2021 was when God gave me the, the, the game the best. Because that was my third marriage, so Wow.

[00:14:04] Tope: So there’s a lot to unpack right there. There’s a lot to, so, so what I, if I will summarize it, it’s that since you were a little girl, you’ve always felt the hand of God in your life, even though you. Might not have understood it back then, but over time you kind of understood it. And so you’ve kind of been guided along the way.

Even when you rebelled and you became an atheist God still did not leave you. Wow. What a gracious father. What a gracious father, and he kept guiding you and also blessing, blessing the work of your hands so that you were successful. In terms of your business, you were successful. And then he’s giving you he’s giving you various plans.

So he gave you the, the guide program that you started at the university, and then the B so tell us a little bit more about that. B.

[00:15:01] Sandra: Okay. So Guide Ministries was just a a, a, a Unity Festival event for the college kids. I brought all the different ministries together at U N F, and then at 25 I, I had all this, these cars and all this money, and I didn’t feel fulfilled, so I was like, maybe it’s because I’m not doing what God told me to do.

So I started Biz Guide, which Biz Guide was a, a a a training where I created these little guides for churches. So if you were at a church and you were a pastor, We would for free create these little entrepreneurial business guides where all your churches, your missionaries, your leaders would be in one little guide for your church and you could pass it out in your community so you can give something to your community for new homeowners.

And and you would go ahead and, and be able to have a tool for the church. And it was free for the church, the business owners played for the ad. It would pay our bill. And unfortunately, I rebelled again. Okay. I guess you can call me Jonisha. Okay. Because Jonah only ran once. Okay. I ran from Niva three, four, who knows how many times at this point And, and every time I would run from God by his grace, I mean his love is unfailing.

His mercy literally endured forever. I would run as far as I can, as fast as I can, and God was always still with me waiting on standby until I would exhaust myself and I’d be like, okay, God. What do you want me to do? And then he would show back up, and then he would give me the next piece of the puzzle to help guide people.

Everything that I do is about empowering and equipping and guiding people, providing them clarity and strategy and community. The the board game that I made last year was out of the third divorce. I’m in this house. And I’m shocked. I’m like, God, the year before I’m in Puerto Rico making out with my hot husband, picture perfect family with my two kids who was my second husband’s children?

Okay, we’re gonna skip those mistakes. So I got married in Las Vegas by two lesbians with my children’s father, but we’re gonna skip that part. We’re gonna go to the part where the third marriage, the last guy divorces and leaves me and I realize, okay, God. What have you for me to do, Jesus. And he said the same thing I told you, Sandra, when you were a little girl, the same thing I told you at 25, the same thing I keep telling you.

I want you to feed my sheath and feed my lambs. And so he gave me this game that help people ask the best questions, the best cost to actions, and the best affirmations. It’s such a simple game. It literally just helps you navigate through the three types of conflict that all humans. Have gone through or will go through conflict within, which obviously you can tell by my story, I’ve had a lot of internal conflict.

Conflict with my identity crisis. Conflict with people that I love and that love me conflict with real bad guys trying to still kill and destroy and rob me. Right. So the game is designed. To provide tools that I wish I had as a little girl to establish boundaries, to establish clarity, to establish the best decision making through the best questions, so you can now establish the best community for your life.


[00:18:30] Tope: Wow. Wow. Sandra Actually, you answered the question before I even asked you. So what I was gonna ask you was, you know, how have these, all these prior experiences that you shared led to this best game to what you’re doing now? And I think you just shared that in a nutshell, which is All of those experiences in the school of life and hide knocks have brought you to this place where you are now able to listen more, to lean in more, and to say, okay, Lord, what do you have for me to do?

What is your purpose? I, I’m tired of running on my own.

[00:19:08] Sandra: What’s your purpose? Exactly. And so

[00:19:11] Tope: he gave you this, this board game, this best. Plan. It’s actually a system. I’ve seen it, you shared it with, with us in the group. But it, it’s to empower people to be able to deal with the conflict that we all have.

Those three conflicts that you mentioned. It’s the internal conflict with yourself the conflict with other people. And sometimes I actually, I think also conflict with God because many times we rebel against God because we, we think he’s not being fair to us. So maybe that’s, that’s another one I would, I would throw in,

[00:19:46] Sandra: we need to customize the game together to, we need to, we need to call it the best, we’re gonna call it the best recovery with God.

I don’t know. We’ll figure out a name together to help us navigate through the conflict we have with God. No, it’s true. There’s been times where I have just been. Frustrated not knowing it was me that was self sabotaging. And I would play the blame game. Blame God. Blame my family. Blame, blame my my culture.

Blame the aliens. Blame the government. Blame them, right? Every the blame game, no one wins this game, right? It’s what Adam did. Okay? God, it’s the woman you gave me. Wow, Adam, you just blamed God and Eve, right? And the, the point of the best game is to play the blessing game. How can we play, out give God And this blessing game is where we come to a place where not only do we know him, who is perfect love, and I use the acronym hymn, humility, integrity, maturity.

Cuz it’s the nature of Jesus, right? And when we incorporate humility, integrity, and maturity, By asking, seeking and knocking, which is the Bible has made it very clear. This is the way we have intimacy with God. Asking, seeking, and knocking is the process of intimacy that births his kingdom to come through us, in us, honest and around us, and is birthed upon the earth.

That’s how we release God’s kingdom through us, by asking, seeking, and knocking on his heart. And he said He will open up his heart to us so we can abide in his heart and we can abide, and he can abide in our heart. And that touching and agreeing is what’s gonna birth the best in our lives. So the blessing game is trying to out, bless God through asking the best questions, the best affirmations, and the best cause to actions.

Cuz actions is what activates. Yeah.

[00:21:38] Tope: Thank you for describing that game. And at the end I would I would share with our viewers and our listeners where they can get it. So Wow. You are just dynamic. You’ve, you, you just have a lot of energy, and I can, I can feel that energy. What has brought you joy during the difficult seasons of your life?

What’s brought you joy?

[00:22:02] Sandra: So what I’m realizing is when God has graced you and gifted you. The gifts will make room for you and the gifts will attract all types of people. Every time God has favored someone like Mary. Okay. Joseph. Right. A lot of it attracts the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And it took me a long time to realize that. My satisfaction comes from my compassionate creator. I was designed by him for him, and so I found out, and it took me a long time. I’m 43 years old. I’m a little slow that my satisfaction and fulfillment that makes my cup run over is not making money.

Okay? I’ve made money, a ridiculous amount of money in my twenties. Okay. It’s not even trying to be the superhero in other people’s success story, okay? It’s really resting in the finished works of Jesus and resting. He said, he said some will be able to enter into his rest and some won’t. I want to qualify cause stop leaning towards my logical understanding and learn to.

Lean on my Heavenly Father’s chest, his heart, and get my fulfillment on what he has already done. I’m a human being, not a human. Doing. Life is happening for me, not to me. And so now I can stop playing the blame game. I can stop toiling and chasing the wind because the breath of life is my more than enough.

So my joy comes from. Here’s perfect love. Yeah. Resting in it, drinking in it. And, and, and sharing it with others. This is what fuels me. The passion you feel is from his compassion, his proven compassion that he has revealed through and in my life.

[00:23:59] Tope: So it’s you, you put that so eloquently. I’m not even sure I can, I can truly capture the essence of it, but you put it so eloquently that it’s dissatisfaction in life is not for material things.

It’s not in blaming others, it’s just resting, resting in God. And allowing him to guide, to lead and to direct. And so what I, what I essentially will summarize it is to seize that, to stop that life of striving and to stride with him, to stride with him, to, to operate out of that place of knowing that no matter what happens, God’s got this.

And I, and so I can have fulfillment, I can have joy, I can have satisfaction because I know who got my back. That, so that’s, that’s essentially, that’s what I, I understood from what she just said. Wow.

[00:24:59] Sandra: That’s exactly it. That’s exactly it. His perfect love casts out those paranoid phobias, those false fears.

Mm-hmm. His perfect love is who? We are supposed to lean towards lean and love. Don’t lean towards your logical understanding. It’s limited there, leaning in his love. Now I can rest and get his restoration because what God has for me is better than what I can ever get from creation. Or from myself, so you’re exactly right.

Okay. That has been, My new revelation and what my life legacy is all about. The game leads you from a very simple, fun version, games, a little icebreaker, very simple and then goes to A O M G, optimizing My Greatness, where you invite a partner to play with you, you can play by yourself at the Fun game.

And then the OMG optimizing my greatness to invite a partner to honor one another. There’s something fulfilling about when you have someone that you can just honor them, you give them affirmation and you, you, you, you, you, you help them with their blind spots and you love them. There’s, there’s so much fulfillment there.

And then the, the, the last game is the pro game, which is all about proficiency and leaving a legacy. In Toei, you are what I consider a legacy leader. You are a legend and there needs to be An opportunity where you can pass on all of these success stories on how God has flipped the script on all of your challenges and your problems.

Yeah. So the proficiency game kind of guides you gently on how to take all of those things from your past. We can’t change the past, but we can change the relationship we have with our past. Yes. And so the game gently guides you on how to change the narrative.On what’s going on the inside of you.

Have inviting another person and now leaving a legacy that’s beyond your life. Something that you can leave for your children’s children, they can read. Wow. I didn’t know Grandma Tope went through that. That’s why I’m going through it. Right. Yeah. So after I made the three board games, I made three journaling success work guides or workbooks.

And they’re called my success journals. So you can accommodate some people. They don’t wanna play board games. Mm-hmm. Okay. I’m gonna be honest with you, I’m not a board game person. That’s why the whole thing’s ironic that God told me make a board game, right? Yeah. So weird. Yeah. But some people, they like Sandra, I just wanna read a book and I want you to guide me through a, a, a journaling guide Yeah.

And help me navigate without a board. Okay. Yeah. And I, I made three games board journaling guides to accommodate those. And then I also made three prophetic prayer guides. So if you really wanna know the spiritual understanding. I’m an ex atheist. I didn’t like people preaching at me, so my board game is not ese.

My, my journaling workbook, it’s very practical. I call it a soul train. Where it’s training your soul and the way it should go. Without using a whole bunch of spiritual words. It’s very practical. To develop yourself. Personally, even if you’re not an entrepreneur, if even if just I’m a, I’ve been a single mom.

This is my second round. I was a single mom for second years, and then I’m, I’m now a single mom again. I didn’t see that coming. But giving everyone a tool that when life throws them lemons, I’ll give them a, a, a guide to help them travel through unexpected things that they didn’t see coming in their life.

[00:28:44] Tope: Oh, wow. Yeah. So again, you just had it. She’s reading not only this best game, but she has journals and she has Jo three journals to go along with it. And, and she has a pro version as well to, to help. To help anyone who is interested in that. So as we are rounding up, I wanna ask you this, what is one treasure that you could live with our listeners?

So what’s one thing that you can, if they’re going through a really challenging time or they’re trying to start a business, but they’ve hit roadblocks along the way, what’s one, one treasure that you could live with them?

[00:29:28] Sandra: Romans 12, 10. It’s how I base what I do when the I call the eye disease tells me, Sandra, you’re too insecure.

You’re too immature, you’re too ignorant. Who are you? You don’t have any degrees. You’re a little Haitian girl. Can any, can anything good come from Haiti? When those little negative voices I call it the ego. Tries to talk to me. I go back to the truth, the holy scriptures, and I let the truth guide me through my facts.

So my encouragement is establish yourself in truth’s perfect love. Which to me is grace filled if it’s not full of grace for yourself. It’s hard to give it to other people. If I’m harder myself, whatever’s in my heart’s cup is what I’m gonna pour out on others and what I’m gonna serve to people.

Yeah, so I think it starts with perfect love getting in love. The difference between liking, love loving, and being in love gets so crazy in love that nothing else matters. When any other voice shows up, you can hear the shepherd’s voice that guides you back. Into his resting place and in that resting place, there’s restoration and there’s gonna be a light that’s gonna light up your path and it’s gonna be okay.

At the end of the day, God is the best and he knows how to take care of his babies. I’m living proof God can use anyone. I’m living proof that he is a restorer of. All things, I’ve been homeless. This, this, this almost was the third time being homeless. And God, every single time has elevated me. Instead of me retaliating, I would start elevating by his loving spirit, by laying it all down to him again, making it a hundred percent about him being the mark and the focal point.

And every time I would focus on him, I would function and flow and be filled up with his spirit and his spirit would guide me back into his perfect love.

[00:31:45] Tope: Wow. So if I may summarize that it’s get in love and we’re not talking about getting in love with anyone else, but get in love with your maker, your creator.

Get to love him. Get to lean on him, and get to just let him bleed all down. Bleed all at his feet. Yes. And watch him guide you. Watch him come. I mean, I can also say, like Sandra just said, every time you get in a jam as as you’re loving him, he’s there. Yes. He said, I got you. I got your back. I got you. And he’ll, I mean, we’re not saying it’s a, it’s a piece of cake and that there’s not a struggle that don’t hear that even in the midst of the struggles.

You can have peace, you can have hope, you can have joy. Yes. By leaning on him Yes. And asking him to guide you, lay it all down at his feet. Wow. Sandra, thank you so much. Thank you. This was a really rich conversation. Just thankful. Just thankful for you my friend. My beautiful friend. Yeah. So thank you.

So lemme ask you, how can people connect with you?

[00:33:07] Sandra: Sure. My website is Everything is there between the board game, the journaling workbooks. I’m still editing and publishing, but it’ll be up there.

I only have one of them published right now. And then the, the Prayer Prophetic Guides, which teaches people how to pray and how to practice intimacy. Intimacy is the key to eternity and eternity is too long to get this wrong. So go to Sandra and and you could always book a session with me on sandra and if, if someone needs.

To be guided to their next level. I don’t believe in me being anyone’s superhero. I’m a sidekick where I will help you kick anything in your way or even kick your butt if you need someone to kick your butt, to get out of your own way. Sandra and, I’m here to add value and to be a blessing and to guide you back into your first love.

[00:34:12] Tope: Oh, thank you for that. So and I will add those as well in the show notes. And Sandra has the My Success Journal series. She also has the best game that you can find at her website, sandra n Those will be in the show notes. So Sandra, thank you so much for coming on the show today. Welcome. It’s been a pleasure to have you, and thank you for sharing your story.

[00:34:38] Sandra: Yes. Thank you guys. Keep me prayed up. Love you so much, tope. God bless you guys. God bless this audience. Jesus’ name.

[00:34:45] Tope: Amen. Amen. Hey friend, thank you for being here on Treasures and Truth. . I hope that Sandra’s story empowers you to tap into your treasures no matter what you are going through right now, whether you’re starting a business or you’re just going through life.

We’ll have show notes for you at hidden treasures and And again, please remember to subscribe liberating review and share this podcast. So thank you. Your reviews are a gift. And lastly, remember, God has answers whether you have relationship issues at home or at work or any other crisis or challenges.

God has answers. So until next, next time, God bless you and have a wonderful day.

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