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What are the opportunities in the current COVID-19 situation?

Have you noticed more people in your neighborhood that you did not know before the quarantine?

Opportunities in COVID-19

Since the quarantine, it seems there are more people living in my neighborhood that I have never met. Really, I don’t think these people moved in overnight; it is just that we were all going at such a fast pace that we hardly noticed each other.

I have been pondering about the opportunities in the current crisis. Though we all have personal circumstances we are facing right now, there are opportunities in this crisis if we are open and willing to explore.

Opportunity to connect.

During my morning walks, I have run into neighbors I had not seen in years. While at a safe distance, we stop and catch up even for brief moments. 

Some folks who live alone share about their fears, concerns, pet issues, trips to the grocery store, and other tidbits with a total stranger. We laugh together as we part and exchange, “see you around.” Others just wave, nod, smile, or say have a nice day.

I never know how the Lord may use these interactions, but I am grateful for the chance to connect.

Opportunity to go at a slower pace.

The other day I saw a woman walking her dog. The dog stopped every few steps to sniff the grass, the ground or some other object. As I got closer, I heard the woman tell the dog to move it along.

I said, Hello. She said hello and shared that the dog was going too slow. I said, maybe it is an opportunity to enjoy your walk a little longer. She responded, now that’s a perspective I had not considered. The people at home are loud and noisy.

I smiled as I wished her well and continued my walk.

My walk also provides a chance to look at nature and the flowers blooming. I take a few pictures and give thanks to God for eyes to see his beautiful creation.

Spring Flowers

Opportunity to try something new.

One thing is sure, we are all being challenged and stretched in new ways out of our comfort zones. Since we can’t have in-person prayer meetings and Bible studies together, we are all learning to adapt and connect virtually.

I am thankful for the internet, the technology, and the opportunity to stay connected and pray together in new ways.

Opportunity to practice gratitude.

Watching the news and seeing the number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 can increase our fears, worries, and anxieties. While we can acknowledge our fears, we are better off weathering this storm with God than without him.

Practicing gratitude will help shift our focus as well as stay calm in this storm. The Lord is in control, and nothing is too hard for him.

If you need a picker-upper, watch the video below and let the song, Thank You Lord by Don Moen and let it minister to you.

What opportunities have you noticed in this crisis? Share in the comments below.

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