Healing the Soul from Trauma: How a Relationship with God Helps Survivors Thrive
Trauma to triumph: Healing from Childhood Trauma

Healing the Soul from Trauma: How a Relationship with God Helps Survivors Thrive

Trauma to triumph: Healing from Childhood Trauma
Hidden Treasures and Riches
Healing the Soul from Trauma: How a Relationship with God Helps Survivors Thrive

Join Gina as she shares her incredible journey from trauma to triumph, revealing how her relationship with God and soaking prayer played pivotal roles in her healing process.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 61% of adults in the United States report experiencing at least one adverse childhood experience (ACE), which includes several forms of trauma, such as abuse, neglect, and household dysfunction.

During our candid conversation, Mrs. Gina Rolkowski, a Christian trauma coach, opened up about her childhood trauma and the struggles she faced. She shares about the transformative power of faith in her healing journey. Gina recounts her decades-long journey of unknowingly grappling with childhood trauma until her late 40s when she experienced a breakthrough. Despite years of self-harm, seizures, and abusive relationships, it wasn’t until she delved deeper into her past that she began to understand the root of her struggles.

Discovering the concept of soaking prayer was a turning point for Gina. This practice of being still and allowing God’s presence to envelop her brought profound peace and healing, significantly reducing her anxiety levels. Additionally, Gina stresses the importance of seeking out trauma-informed therapy, which provided her with essential tools and support on her path to recovery.

“Healing from trauma is like learning to ride a bike differently. It may feel scary and off-balance at first, but with practice and experience, the journey becomes smoother, revealing the beauty of resilience and inner strength.”

Gina Rolkowski

If you or someone you know is struggling with trauma, consider exploring the transformative power of soaking prayer and seeking out trauma-informed therapy. Remember, healing is possible; you’re not alone on this journey.

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