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Prayer: The Secret to Raising Godly Children


Are you concerned about your children (teenagers, young adults) and their relationship with God?

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As mothers, we are nurturers at heart, and we want the best for our children. When John was young, his mom took great care to nurture and teach him in the ways of God. However, tragedy struck her.

She died from an illness when he was only six years old. Being the only child, John was raised by his father who was a sailor but his dad did not have the finer qualities of instructing him like his mom.

At age 11 he worked with his father and later became a seaman As he grew older, John lived a rough and reckless life, that paled in comparison to the ways his mom taught him as a child.

Because his mom died while he was young, you and I would probably think there was no hope for him. No way for him to leave the life of rebellion, arrogance, gambling, drinking, and human trafficking behind.

But on a faithful day during a trip back home, the ship encountered a severe storm at sea. John was so shaken that he cried out to God in prayer. He was about 23 years old. Suddenly the truths his mom had taught as a child came alive in him. That marked the beginning of his return to God and his commitment to serve God for the rest of his life.

Nine years later, John became an ordained minister.

Do you know John? Have you heard of the song, Amazing grace?

That song was written by John Newton in 1772, some 248 years ago.

Do you have children that you raised in the way of the Lord who have wandered off the godly path?

In Proverbs 22:6, we are encouraged to train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Do you lay in bed at night worrying about your children and their relationship with God? Do you believe Proverbs 22:6 applies to the situation with your kids?

Raising Godly Children

John Newton’s mom Elizabeth was only with him for about 6 years before she died. But God watched over the seeds of His Word, that she planted in him and at the right time, He made it grow.

Hannah also (1 Samuel 1-2), went through so much anguish to have a child, and when she finally did, she gave her son Samuel, back to the Lord.

Perhaps you are wondering how she could do that?

The secret is that John Newton’s mom and Hanna knew that their sons were gifts from God. They did their part to nurture godly character in their children, but they trusted God with the outcome of their children’s lives. They sowed the seeds and in partnership, trusted God to water it.

Perhaps you have a son or daughter, niece, or nephew who is struggling with their faith. They yield to peer pressure and no longer embrace those godly values that you taught them.

Raising Godly ChildrenWhat can you do?

What can you do besides worrying, guilt tripping, or manipulation?

  • Trust them into God’s hands.
    • Trust that God has a plan and purpose for your child and no power of hell can thwart God’s plans.
  • Love your children unconditionally…let your actions speak louder than your words.
  • Tell the truth in love. Allow them to share their struggles without judging or shaming.
  • Behind the scenes, Partner with God in prayer. Wear out the rug on your floor if you need to.

Think about it, John Newton did his own thing for 17 years after his mom died. But God honored her prayers. He found his way back to God. Remember Saul of Tarsus who persecuted Christians, at the right time, he turned back to God.

God will honor your prayers for your children and in the process, your faith will grow too.

In what ways will you partner with God and can you entrust your children’s faith journey to Him.


Father, I confess my worry over my children. Help me release them to you and trust that you will guide them along the best path for their lives. Create a special thirst in their souls for your Living Water. Thank you in advance for the people you will send to encourage their faith. I pray in Jesus Name. Amen

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