Prayer Treasures Day 22: Shield and Refuge

Prayer Treasures Day 22: Shield and Refuge

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Welcome to Day 22 of Prayer Treasures.
Are you battle weary?

Prayer Treasures Day 22- Shield and Refuge

Scripture Treasure
Who but God goes up to heaven and comes back down? Who holds the wind in his fists?
Who wraps up the oceans in his cloak?
Who has created the whole wide world?
What is his name—and his son’s name?
Tell me if you know!
Every word of God proves true.
He is a shield to all who come to him for protection. Proverbs 30:4-5 NLT

Friend, are you battle weary?

Are you wondering what God is up to and if he is even paying attention to your situation?
Yesterday, we talked about trust. The verses from Proverbs 30: 4-5 paint a picture of the object of our trust.


He is a shield to all who seek his protection. He created the whole world and holds the wind in his hands. Can you imagine scooping up the ocean with your coat? God, our Father, and Protector is all-powerful. He is with you in your battle. He can never forget you because you are inscribed on the palm of his hands. He knows your name.

Did you ask, if he is all-powerful, then why the delay?
God is all Knowing! He created you and he knows what you need and what is best for you. Though your answer may be delayed, don’t give up, don’t into despair.

Delay is not Denial!

You can trust God as your protector and shield and take refuge under his everlasting arms. He will bring you and me through but he will refine you in the process.

Friend, rest assured, that no matter your battles, God is for you! No trouble, distress, persecution, or anything can separate you from God’s love. Run to Jesus and take refuge under his everlasting arms.

What difficulties are you facing? How might you surrender them to God and rely on him as your Shield and Refuge?

Watch the full video below for the full prayer.

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