Prayer Treasures: The Greatest Treasure - Hidden Treasures and Riches

Prayer Treasures: The Greatest Treasure

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Welcome to Day 27 of Prayer Treasures.

We are on day 27 of this year. What is your desire for the rest of the year? What will make a difference in your life this year?

Prayer Treasures The greatest Treasure

Scripture Treasure

I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles. Psalm 145:5 NLT

What will you do to increase your peace, joy, and contentment this year?

Friend, thank you for joining me on this adventure and starting the year with seeking God’s treasures together. We have entered the last week of our 31 days of prayer treasures.

If you have been following along for the last 26 days, you have been consistent in exercising your spiritual muscles and growing your relationship with God. Great job!

Let’s praise God for who he is and for helping us be consistent in seeking him daily, and learning to depend on him.

Friend, what is going to make a difference in your year and mine is Dependence on God.

Our dependence on God, through prayer, meditating on his word, and praising him is the most important Treasure.

Regular praise through reflecting on God’s glorious majesty and remembering all his wonderful deeds in your life will give you hope, joy, peace, and contentment.

Depending on God is a treasure that will help you stand in the fiercest of storms. It will be like iron in your bone.

Dependence on God is our Greatest Treasure

It is the greatest treasure that you and I can ever have.

How have you experienced God this month? In what ways will you increase your dependence on him for the rest of this year?

Watch the video for the full prayer

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