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Renew Your Christian Vision Course – 7 Video Tutorials


Renew Your Vision, Renew Your Life to Live More fully!

Do you feel like you are going about in circles, stressed, and unfulfilled? Do you want more out of life but can’t seem to find the energy to go after your vision?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to daydream about the type of life you want? What is your WHY? Do you set goals for yourself in your personal or professional life?

Life has a way of overwhelming us; before we know it, we’re off track. Imagine being able to clarify your vision and turn your dreams into reality. Perhaps you want to make time for self-care, go back to school, and spend more time with your spouse and children. Or maybe you want to quit your dead-end job and start your own business.

Whether it’s fitting into your skinny jeans again or launching your own business, this quick and easy self-study course will guide you to bring your dreams to life. You’ll learn to create empowering goals and renew your vision for your life.

Take This Course And:

  • Get Clear on Your Dreams and Vision.
  • Ditch Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Stuck.
  • Have Confidence in Your Decisions.
  • Reduce Stress and Live More Fully.
  • Pursue your Purpose with Passion.

The Renew Your Vision self-paced course will give you the confidence to dream and create empowering goals. It will help you reflect and renew your vision. The course features a downloadable workbook and seven self-guided short videos that are about 4 minutes each. You can view them at your own pace as your schedule allows. Watch and Learn From::

  • Video 1: Introduction-Renew Your Vision
  • Video 2 Importance of Vision
  • Video 3 Declutter Your Mind
  • Video 4 Design Your Life
  • Video 5 Create Your Vision Map
  • Video 6 Create Empowering Goals
  • Video 7: A Final Word

This course is for you! I created this course so you can watch the videos and complete the workbook from the comfort of your home. Once you finish this course, you will be ready to tap into your vision, identify limiting beliefs, design your life, and set empowering goals.

As a special bonus, I’m also including the ‘Renew Your Vision’ workbook and ongoing email support!

No matter your vision, with God’s help, you can go after your purpose with passion and live more fully!


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