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Remembering Becky Lynn Black–Friend, Mentor and Sister in Christ.


Reflecting on 1 Chronicles 4:23, I think about Becky Lynn Black…my sister in Christ and mentor.  Becky was a daughter, wife, mother, nurse, financial counselor and missionary. In all the different seasons of her life, one thing was constant…her love of Jesus.  Becky worked for the King of kings. Doing his business was her priority.  Her assignment was to allow the aroma of Christ to spread through her to others. Becky stayed with that assignment faithfully to the end. Her circumstances such as arthritis and cancer were no hindrance.

Becky Lynn Black- Friend and Mentor

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Becky Lynn Spread the Aroma of Christ to Everyone

She mentored and encouraged many including me.  Even though I knew her for about 2 years, I felt like I knew her all my life.  Becky rubbed the aroma of Christ on everyone she came in contact with.  In 2012, I wrote the following in my praise and thankfulness journal about a particular encounter with Becky:

“I praise God for Becky Lynn. She is a friend, a mother figure and above all a sister in Christ.  I bless the Lord for making our paths to cross. I bless the Lord for using Becky Lynn to remind me of God’s character last week when I faced a major health issue. She volunteered to accompany me to my appointment even though she had her own health issues.  She fasted and stood with me in prayer as I went through the necessary tests and procedures.  Her words and the scriptures she shared encouraged me. It gave me peace, stability and inner joy. I bless the Lord for a wonderful woman of God!”

Becky was a connector. She connected people to each other and to Christ. Even while dying, she wanted to be sure that a friend would be at her memorial service to hear the gospel of Jesus.  Becky left instructions for me to contact this friend and bring her to the memorial service.  This was so like Becky…caring for others. Thanks to Becky I gained several new sisters in the Faith.

Becky impacted my life in so many ways—from going to serve and minister to women in Ethiopia, to her encouraging words, “Focus on the Character of God, not on your circumstances” or “our Lord is worthy of Excellence”.   I miss you Sis!

Becky was faithful in her assignment to the end. She went Home to be with the King on November 2, 2013. She served our Lord Jesus with such great love and passion.  How about you and me, are we doing the King’s business?

The folks in 1 Chronicles 4:23 were potters…they worked for an earthly king.   Do you know the King of kings…aka our Lord Jesus Christ? What assignment has He given you? Are you serving Him with joy? Are you actively seeking opportunities to spread the aroma of Christ as Becky Lynn?

Becky Lynn Black, a connector, great mentor, and friend. My prayer is that we are all encouraged by Becky’s life and story.

In what ways can you use your gifts and talents to serve others and bring glory to the King—our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?

You can learn more about Becky Lynn’s life story from her book My Life Story  or  

This post was updated on July 22, 2022

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