Rest for the Weary Soul Hidden Treasures and Riches

Rest for the Weary Soul

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Our theme for September is Rest.

Are you weary, overwhelmed, or troubled?

I get it… I am right there with you. Did I hear you say enough already? This is how most of us are feeling right now about this pandemic that has overstayed its welcome. Seven months of uncertainties and chaos is more than enough!

What is troubling your heart today?

Like David in Psalm 18: 1-20, are you in deep waters? Are you entangled by the cords of death, or are you overwhelmed by the torrents of destruction? Are you facing the snares of death or the cords of the grave? Has your business, job, or health taken a nosedive because of the pandemic? Are you struggling to balance work, family, and your children’s virtual school schedules?

Whatever the danger or distressing situation, David gets it too. Let’s hear how he faced his troubles in Psalm 18.  

David cried out to God. He said, in my distress I cried to the Lord for help (Psalm 18:6)

God’s Response to Our Distress Call

And do you know how God responds to your cry, my cry, and David’s cry? He will move in his mighty power and turn his face towards us. Let’s look at how David described God’s response to his troubles.

  • The earth trembled and quaked and the foundations of the mountains shook because God was angry on David’s behalf.
  • With Smoke coming out of his nostrils, fire from his mouth, and all around him, he engaged the enemy.
  • He parted the heavens and come down on a chariot of thunderclouds.
  • Not only that, but he also mounted the cherubim and flew.
  • He soared on the wings of the wind.
  • As a result of his presence, clouds advanced with hailstones, bolts of lightning, and a heavy storm.
  • God’s voice thundered from heaven.
  • He shot arrows and scattered the enemies. He routed them with great bolts of lightning, and they ran in fear.

Friend, the Lord is personal!  Whatever troubles we face, you and I can trust God to show up and show out on our behalf just like he did for David.

Why would God do this for you and me?

Because he delights in you. He delights in me. Psalm 18:19.

He takes great pleasure in you.

You are the apple of his eyes. Nothing, no trouble can ever separate you and me from his love.

Pause and take that in. God, the creator of the universe, delights in you!

And He will do everything in his power to protect you even if it means coming down from heaven to rescue you. Let me give you an example.

Personal Story…

During a difficult season in my life, I prayed one morning and told the Lord, that I could use a hug. Do you know how God answered that prayer? In the evening I went to the bookstore and was browsing when another lady walked up the aisle. I moved to the side to make room for her. Then she said, I’ve got to give my sister a hug. I looked around, there was no one else but the two of us. Before I knew it, this woman gave me a hug. I was shocked!

By the time I collected myself to say thank you, she was gone. I looked for her everywhere in the store but could not find her.

God showed up for me in my darkest moment. He did the same for David. He will do the same for you.

Friend, there is only one requirement: Call upon him in your distress.


Because God desires to be your shield, strength, refuge, and fortress. He longs to be your Deliverer, Rock, Stronghold, Support, and Rescuer from all of life’s calamities. Most of all He longs to be your Savior. He will fight on your behalf and equip you to fight as well.

In what ways will you rest in God’s power to protect and rescue you?

Friend, if you need rest for your weary soul, cry out to the Lord.

I invite you to meditate on Psalm 18:1-20. Let the truths of this Psalm sink into your weary soul and give you rest.

Watch a video of Rest for the weary soul on YouTube

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Discover Your Uniqueness, Identify Obstacles & Accomplish Your Goals & Purpose!



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