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There is Hope Throughout the Challenges


Tope: Our guest is an educator. She’s a wife, a mom, and most importantly, a lover of Jesus. She ministers to women through her community. I remember. Community, which helps to uplift and support women who are going through childbearing issues. She’s also a teacher and so she’s very passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and the next generation. She consistently seeks opportunities to grow in order to be a positive influence in the life of her students. She and her children and husband currently reside. North Carolina, please join me in welcoming Mrs. Kenisha Huggins. Hey Kenisha, welcome to the show. Hi, Tope. Thank you so much for having me. It’s an honor. Yes, it’s a pleasure to have you here. Thank you for honoring us. So let me, let’s just begin by asking you to tell us a little bit about yourself or something you like our listeners to know about.

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Mrs. Kenisha Huggins: Yes. So aside from all the things that you’ve already mentioned I love, prior to having children, I loved hanging out with my family and friends. You know, going shopping and all those fun things. But after not saying that I still don’t, I still love hanging out with my family and friends, but now it’s like, you know, your mindset just changed. You just wanna be able to relax. So in my downtime, I just like to kick up my feet. That’s good. Yeah. So yeah, that’s a little bit about.

Tope: I guess something, something unique about you right now in this season is that you’re expecting.

Mrs. Kenisha Huggins: Oh yes, yes. God has been, God has restored everything that we’ve lost. So we just give him glory.

Tope: Well so I will use that to segue into the next question I want to ask you. So that is, how have you seen God move in your life? I know that you lead this community. I am remembered. And so how did that community come about and have you seen God move in your life?

Mrs. Kenisha Huggins: Yeah, so I am, remember it started basically from. My own testimony which started   back in probably late 2016, early 2017, and it was mine and my husband’s journey to parenthood. So shortly after we got married, we decided we wanted to expand our family. But if I’m honest, I was not prepared for the path that we took in order to get there. Prior to having our first child, we experienced three miscarriages back to back. And like I’ve heard of miscarriages, you know, I’ve heard of people having them, but you know, it’s different once you experience one, not only one, but three mm. So I remember the first time I found out that I was pregnant. I was very excited. I planned this whole pregnancy reveal for my husband. It’s like, yes, we’re finally gonna be parents. And then a couple days later I came home from church and something just didn’t feel right. So I went to the bathroom and I saw that I was potentially miscarrying. So my husband rushed me to the hospital, and even at the hospital, I remember being so optimistic, like maybe you know this one’s stuck. Like, you know, maybe everything is okay. It’s just part of some people’s process. And I remember they took me to the ultrasound room and they did an ultrasound and you know, the ultrasound tech can’t tell you anything. Yes. And I remember they carried me to a different room and in that room was when my husband came to me and I could see his face.

It was just somber and he was like, you know, Kenisha, unfortunately you miscarried and dah, dah. And I just started to cry. I was completely devastated, you know, and I remember after that first one one of my passions, which I probably could have mentioned in the previous question, is that I was, I’m a praise dancer back in Connecticut, I used to praise dance a lot. And there are people in my community who tell me like, maybe you should stop, you know, maybe it’s too much on your body cuz you guys are trying to have a child. And I, and I did, I gave it. For a little bit. But one thing that kept coming back to me was if this is a gift that God gave me, you know, dancing, cuz it, it, it wasn’t a talent of mine, it was definitely a gift from God. Why would I have to give it up? I remember having that thought, but nonetheless, you know, I was like, you know what, maybe I just, my body needs to relax. So then the second time now I found out I was expecting something that still felt off. But, you know, I didn’t wanna believe it. Still trying to remain optimistic. And then a few days later it happened again. And this time I didn’t even go to the hospital because I knew what was happening. I was just like, all right. So my husband and I, you know, we started to pray almost every single night. You know, just asking God for a child.

And then a couple months later, the third time. That must have been really devastating. Yes. The third time I found out I was pregnant again, and I think around this time we just bought a house and I was trying to be extremely careful and I think this was the longest I was pregnant for.

God, like what is going on? I don’t understand.

And then I remember we still went to the OB to get checked. Still that little, you know, hope. And then he was like, yeah, there’s, there’s nothing there. And I remember coming home and I just crawled up in my bed and I balled. It’s like, God, like what is going on? I don’t understand.

You know? Like, we really want to be parents and I really just need you to, to intervene, do something. So. Fast forward to like, maybe late SEP September.  I think my friend told me about her church and how they were doing a 21 day fast and I should join. So I, so I did, and this was the first time, like, I’ve participated in fasts.

But this was the first time where I was committed. Every morning. 5:00 AM joined the prayer call. Like I did all the, they came up with a booklet and I did all the, the prayers for everything, and it’s when it’s like during this fast, I realized that this is just more than just something that’s physically happening to me.

Like I felt it was more spiritual. And there were some things that needed to break in order for us to have a child. I remember towards the end of the fast there was my friend’s church, they had a little more than they had a Thanksgiving service. And I went. My friend’s pastor prayed for me and basically he told me, you know, like, the next time, like, I will conceive. So I was like, whew, okay. Jesus. You know, I’m, I’m trusting you. And then in November, my husband and I visited my aunt in Maryland. And just randomly, she was just like, so when are you guys gonna have children? When are you guys gonna have children? And I, I told her, I was like, you know, we’ve been trying, but I haven’t been successful. And my aunt is a praying woman. So as soon as she heard that she got up and she just laid her hands on my woman, she started to pray. Fast forward now to January, 2018. Now we’re in January of 2018.

Our faith was definitely challenged.

I found that it must have been a really long, rough year. It was definitely a season. You know, and I feel like sometimes, you know, we can look at these circumstances and ask God. Why me? Why is this happening? But, and, but we, we failed to really dig deep into what he’s trying to teach us.

You know, and our faith was something that, like I said, it was challenged but instead of drawing us away from God, it drew us even closer to him because we trusted him and we knew that he had, you know, our best intentions at heart. So it was definitely challenging.

It was definitely challenging.  and then, you know, you’re seeing other people starting their family and then granted, you don’t wanna compare yourself to what other people are doing. But it, you have that, you have that desire to just be a parent and it’s like, God, I know that when our time comes, it’s going to be beautiful.

So just give us the faith to keep holding on and trusting you. Throughout this process. 

Tope: So far what you’ve shared with us is wow. Truly, truly a really hard season. Yeah. And I can’t even begin to imagine, to think about having three miscarriages back to back to back.

And then you said something that I want to kinda highlight for our listeners. You mentioned that during that season, It was very discouraging. It was very challenging for you, but you held onto hope. You mentioned that you were a a dancer at church and a worship dancer, and you also mentioned that the challenge, the, the miscarriages made it really difficult, but you held onto hope.

And so I just wanted to help you see that connection because you were sharing about being that you felt you were on a spiritual attack, but you didn’t know it until you had that 21 day fast. And so Just piecing all of these puzzles together. You are a worship dancer. Your maiden name. Hope and guess what? Where did the enemy go to, to attack that Hope. But I love what you shared, so listeners out there, if you are struggling just be encouraged that absolutely there is hope that throughout the challenges, don’t lose hope. Absolutely. Hang onto that thread of hope.

Mrs. Kenisha Huggins: We held onto our hope and faith in God and our time will come. That’s what you said? Yes. So fast forward now to January of 2018. Took a pregnancy test for the fourth time and I saw that we were expecting again. And when I took the pregnancy test, my husband wasn’t home. He was on his way to I think a basketball game. And I called him and I was like, I’m pregnant. So we immediately started to pray. You know, we thank God, like and then I called my aunt because she’s been constantly like keeping in touch with me and  praying for me. And I told her like, auntie was expecting and she prayed for me.

This time I feel assured that we’re gonna make it through.

And I knew, I knew that this time, like this time I was assured like. We’re gonna make it through. You know, these nine, 10 months and but I’m not gonna lie, fear started to creep in Mm. As you’re so used to something happening  and you’re not used to, you know, making those milestones. And as time progressed when I reached the six weeks and the seven weeks and the eight weeks and so on and so forth, like, I celebrated every single milestone. Every single milestone. But Wow. Moving back. I remember we went to our first doctor’s appointment, like I finally made it to a doctor’s appointment. Thank you. Cause I never got to experience them in the other pregnancies. Yes. And I remember I was only six weeks at the time, and I remember the doctor saying like, the chances of us hearing a heartbeat is very, very rare because you’re so early in your pregnancy. But I was like, God, please do the supernatural.

Okay, I trust you. Do the supernatural. And then as soon as I kit tope, as soon as he put the device on, you heard a strong. Heartbeat. Thank you Lord. I started to cry. I was like, this is really happening. This is really everything that we’ve prayed for. You know, the season that we’ve gone through, it wasn’t in vain.

Like, God, this is actually happening. And I was just like, wow, God really came through for us. And you know, that was just the testimony that started. Yeah. But one thing that really helped me during this time too was the story of Hannah. and First Samuel. And that’s what my page I am remembered is based off of, because she was praying to God for a child, praying, praying, praying like, God, please, you know, come through for come through for me. And she made so many promises to God. And then the line that really stuck out to me was when after she’s prayed, you know, and she went back with her husband and it said the Lord remembered her. And I was like, God, if you can remember, , if you can even remember Sarah, granted, I don’t wanna have a child when I’m like 90 years old, but , if you can remember them, I know you can remember me, and that’s exactly what he did. 

Our God is an awesome God.

Tope: You stood on that word. You clung to that word. The Lord remembered honor. I love how the Bible comes alive. The words in the Bible come alive for each one of us, and it will be exactly what we need just at the right time. So listeners, if you are needing hope, if you are struggling in this area today, I pray you are encouraged by Keisha’s story.

You are remembered. You are loved by our heavenly. It’s not over yet until he says it’s over. Yes. So hang on to hope. So let me ask you, during this season, this very trying season that you just shared with us, what treasures did you discover?

Mrs. Kenisha Huggins: It was just how faithful God is. You know, and like I previously shared, It’s so easy for when you’re dealing with something to start to blame God and to start to distance yourself from him but it was through this season. I was able to cling to him more. I was able to trust him more, but, and I knew he had My best intentions, mine and my husband’s best intentions at heart. So that was definitely something that I discovered during this time. And I knew, I knew that it, it, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re going through a season of infertility, whatever challenge that you’re going through, you know, he remembers you. So if, like, I can tell your listeners something who may be enduring something that’s similar. I remember when I was at the hospital getting ready to give birth. I opened up my Bible app and you won’t believe what the scripture of the day was. What was it, Jeremiah 29 11.

Submit yourself to him and allow him to lead you.

Before I know the thoughts that I think towards you, say the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil. To give you an expectation and in some versions say to give you a hope in the future. Yes. And I was just like, wow, . Like, that’s literally all I was like, God, you, you are amazing. Yes, and if there’s anyone listening that’s going through whatever it is, I encourage you, I highly encourage you to hide God’s word in your heart and speak his word over your situation. And know he only loves you and he only wants you to prosper. Yes. Continue to speak God’s words into your situation cuz the enemy lies. Yes. And we’ll have you believing things that are not true. Yes. Like you. An image bearer of God. And he wants the best for you.

Allow him to order your steps. Is it gonna be easy? No. But you have to trust him. You have to trust him and know that he, he, he wants you to prosper. Who wants you to prosper and, and sometimes it’s challenging, but looking at not what is happening to you, but what is happening for you. Like now I can share this testimony with other women or anybody in general really who may be going through a difficult time now.

My faith in God is, is. It has definitely been stretched. you know and I know that whenever I’m facing something like. He’s going to come through. He will come through and sometimes him coming through is saying no, but it’s for a good reason. Yes.  It is absolutely for a good reason.

Our lens of what’s happening is very small compared to what God can see. Yes. Know, like when the Bible says His ways are not our ways and his thoughts and not her thoughts. It’s for real. That is so much more than what our eyes can see. So I definitely encourage you to just hide his word in your heart and, and pray his word over your situation.

And if God can remember me, he will definitely remember. Wow, you have said a turn right there. So you had some of the treasures that you just shared that hide the word of God in your heart. Embrace that word and use it to encourage yourself and just then hang onto hope. Pray that word over your situation and hang onto hope and know that God remembered.

God remembered Sarah, even though Sarah was 90 years old, and maybe we don’t think we wanna be 90 and still trying to have children . Right. But God did it before he will do it again. Yes. And that he’s known is not. I say this way, delay is not denial. Mm. It’s no, it doesn’t mean it’s not forever. It’s maybe a no for right now because he sees what we can’t see.

Tope: And the last thing I think you said that really caught me, my attention is your faith was stretched. Through this you grew closer to God. And so times of trials stretches beyond our, out of our comfort zone, beyond our own capabilities, and forces us to lean in onto God.

So I know the story of. Is very near and dear to your heart. Some of the women who are struggling right now who may be struggling with a similar issue, what do you, what are some specific things that they need to look out for as they go through that season?

You may also listen to the podcast interview, There is hope throughout the challenges.

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