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Unwrap your Gifts to have Better Relationships


How do you feel when someone gives you an unexpected gift?
Perhaps you are excited and wondering what the gift looks like. I imagine you are eager to open your gift.

unwrap your gifts

A Listening Heart

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I like receiving gifts. They show that someone cares, and I appreciate their kind gesture. These gifts don’t require much from me other than to accept and enjoy them.

Now let’s talk about intangible life gifts. What gifts has life given you? How do you feel about unwrapping the gift of a difficult relationship?

Abigail was a woman who received a gift in the form of a difficult and challenging marriage. I can only imagine what her life was like living with her husband, Nabal.

One day, one of her servants informed her of a very serious situation involving her husband. He was unkind to David and his men, who protected Nabal livestock from thieves and marauders. David felt slighted and was on his way to destroy every male in Nabal’s household.

Abigail wasted no time in coming up with a plan. She unwrapped her inner gifts and resources, and rather than react to the situation with anger and irritation, she chose to use wisdom and tact.

She got some food together and instructed her servants to go ahead while she followed behind to personally meet with David. She used godly wisdom to talk him off the ledge so he would not destroy her family and do something he would later regret.

When she got back home, her husband was clueless about the situation. He was drunk! She didn’t rush to confront him. She waited until the next morning to talk with him about the incident. Again, she unwrapped her gift of wisdom as she confronted her husband without shaming him.

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Why was Abigail successful?

Perhaps, like me, you are thinking, this is too much drama. I am so done with this guy. Why does he do these things all the time? We become irritated and angry.

Abigail’s success was due to her willingness to tap into her God-given superpower. Instead of reacting to a difficult situation, she chose to unwrap her gifts of wisdom and tact and employ her power to choose her response.

Abigail is my kind of woman. She is a role model for you and me. She is strong, yet humble enough to talk a powerful man like David off the ledge and confront a fool like Nabal without shaming him.

Choose your response

What gift has life given you and how are you unwrapping it?

No matter the situation, you too like Abigail can tap into your God-given power, unwrap your inner gifts, and have better relationships.

Your Superpower lies in your willingness to let go of fear and unwrap your inner gifts.

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Scripture: 1 Samuel 25

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