Experience the Power of God that Transforms and Frees - Overcome Your Troubles!

Experience the Power of God that Transforms and Frees – Overcome Your Troubles!


Kathy was just another ordinary woman living an average day-to-day life until an accident changed everything. One fateful night, while cycling home from work, a drunk driver collided with her car, leaving her with the loss of her left leg and physical therapy to recover. Before the accident, she was struggling to find her purpose. But after months of hard work in physical therapy, she found new clarity. Out of this despair came an unexpected light.

The children of Israel were enslaved and in bondage in Egypt for 400 years. Psalm 114 describes their experience of the awesome power of God and his ability to transform and set them free from their troubles.

A Listening Heart

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  1. When Israel came out of Egypt, Jacob, from a people of foreign tongue,
  2. Judah became God’s sanctuary, Israel his dominion.
  3. The sea looked and fled; the Jordan turned back;
  4. The mountains leaped like rams, the hills like lambs.
  5. Why was it, sea, that you fled? Why, Jordan, did you turn back?
  6. Why, mountains, did you leap like rams, you hills, like lambs?
  7. Tremble, earth, at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the God of Jacob,
  8. Who turned the rock into a pool, the hard rock into springs of water. Psalm 114 : 1-8

When the Israelites emerged from their bondage in Egypt, they experienced God’s powerful liberating transformation. God parted the Red Sea by his miraculous power so they could leave Egypt on dry land. Again, when they reached the Promised Land, He separated the Jordan River for them to enter the Promised Land. On both occasions, the Israelites witnessed God’s awe-inspiring transforming power.

Even the elements of nature, like the sea, receded; the Jordan turned back, and the mountains and hills leaped like rams and lambs in jubilation. All of nature was moved by the presence of the Lord, who changed the hard rock into a pool of springs.

See The Power of God to Overcome Your Troubles and Set You Free

Experience the Power of God to overcome your troubles

This Psalm reveals the character of God as a compassionate deliverer, protector, sustainer, and provider, one who sets his children free from oppression and sin with his victorious power. He desires to fill our lives with his friendship, peace, and love–blessings that are freely available to all those who put their trust in Him.

Out of Kathy’s troubles came an unexpected light and hope – She found solace in God and gained a sense of freedom and confidence in Him. Instead of limiting herself because of her disability, Kathy embraced it as part of her new normal. She allowed God to work in her heart and transform her troubles.

She bought a mountain bike two years after the crash and began gravel racing with other cyclists. Kathy was determined to start anew. Her journey from tragedy is an inspiration and a beacon of light and hope amidst darkness as she shares her story and God’s love with others.  

Whether we find ourselves troubled by life’s challenges, such as marital issues, addictions, fear, anxiety, feelings of inadequacy, financial difficulties, or other circumstances, let’s cry out to the Lord and wait on him.

Whenever we feel overwhelmed by our circumstances, it’s important to remember that God will make water come out of the rocks for us, too, just like he did for Kathy and the Israelites so long ago. His power is greater than any pressure we may face, no matter how deep or broad it may seem. Let us bow down in reverence before God and celebrate His many wonders.

There is no sea, no Jordan so deep, so broad, but when God’s time comes, it shall be divided and driven back.

Matthew Henry

Remember, the power of God is stronger than the pressures from the troubles around you.

What troubles has the Lord delivered you from? How can you show appreciation and celebrate his many wonders today?


Thank you for transforming my heart and setting me free through your presence. I’m grateful, Lord, for turning the hard rocks of trials and tribulations into springs of living water through the power of your Holy Spirit. I love you, Lord, Amen.

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