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Limiting Mindset


Lately, I have been bombarded by fears and self-doubt about my writing. For example, when I have an idea, I am immediately flooded with negative thoughts. “Your idea is not good and even if it is good, it will be difficult to accomplish. So give up!”

I wrestle with these fears on a regular basis. Recently, I asked myself a few questions to get a handle on this problem.

“What am I saying to myself about a given situation? What are my preconceived ideas?  Are my perceptions in line with reality and God’s word?”

One morning while walking, the Lord brought Prophet Jonah to mind. God called Jonah to go to Nineveh and call the people to repentance. What did Jonah do? He ran away. He was probably a logical and analytical person who liked everything to make sense.

He had the mindset that the task was too difficult. He thought the Ninevites were rebellious and would not listen to him. He reasoned that God would have mercy on them, so there was no point in going to Nineveh. His mindset made him run away rather than obey God.

Like Jonah, my limiting mindset makes me give into my fears. I run and hide rather than trust God.

Can you relate?

A limiting mindset is referred to as “flesh” and “disobedience” in the word of God.  Many times, our assignment from God is bigger than what we perceive our ability can achieve, therefore, we feel inadequate and hold back.

A limiting mindset magnifies our fears rather than trusting God’s truth and reality.  Limiting mindset draws strength from the flesh and not from God. Limiting mindset is a product of embarrassment, people pleasing, and fears of failure, intimidation, humiliation and shame.  This mindset often leads to disobedience and missed opportunities.

In order for us to reach our destiny, we must get rid of limiting mindsets that block our ability to pursue our dreams and advance God’s kingdom. Overcoming this mindset requires inner transformation, ” …not to be conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Roman 12:2). This strategy will ensure we always do what is good, and acceptable, and perfect in the will of God.

A renewed mind is a “limitless mind.”  It is a mind that is empowered by God’s revelation and strength.
To do the miraculous, we have to be willing to do the ridiculous, but with limiting mindset we cannot please God. Freedom begins with taking a bold step of faith and letting go of our fears.

Blind Bartimaeus experienced this freedom when he let go of his limitations. When Bartimaeus heard Jesus was passing by, he yelled loudly, “Jesus son of David, have mercy on me.” (Mark 10: 46-52)

He could have said, “The crowd is too large, it is impossible for Jesus to hear me.” Rather, he took a bold step of faith. He let go of his fears and feelings of intimidation, shame, pride, powerlessness, and other people’s opinions to take hold of his divine destiny. Even when folks tried to get him to be quiet, he shouted more.

He knew God’s mercy was greater than his limitations.

When Jesus called Bartimaeus, he jumped to his feet, threw off his cloak and went to Jesus. This cloak probably was his only possession and it represented security and comfort. Yet, he threw off anything that would stop him from quickly responding to Jesus.

The key to overcoming limiting mindset is not to deliberately ignore our fears but to acknowledge them and turn them over to the Lord. Like Bartimaeus, we are to embrace the mindset that with God all things are possible.

In what ways are you allowing a limiting mindset to hold you back? You can download a limiting mindset buster tool hereimg_1392

Lord, I confess my struggles with a limiting mindset. My blindness is overthinking. I surrender it Lord, and I cry to you for help. I want your best. Help me overcome my fears. I desire to walk in the power of your Holy Spirit to accomplish your dreams for my life. Thank you, Father, for moving me to action, building my confidence in you and reminding me that you are in control. Amen.


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5 thoughts on “Limiting Mindset”

  1. Ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, did I need this! I am struggling at work, and yes, at home with my brother situation, and have just gotten myself into a heap of mess with being overwhelmed, and distraught with ugly feelings and attitude. The past two weeks have been VERY hard for me. My heart hadn’t been that mean and ugly in a long time. 🙁 I am going to go back and read this again, and read the Scriptures, too. Thank you, so much, for sharing this–it is a great piece of encouragement, and I hope many will gain from it. Please pray for my troubled heart. You stay in mine! Love you, so much! *big hugs*

    1. Ursula, I am so sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time. I pray the Lord meets you at the point of your needs in a special way. You are in my prayers. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your support. Love you!

  2. “A limiting mindset magnifies our fears rather than trusting God’s truth and reality.” So true! This was a very encouraging post. Thanks for sharing ??

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