Getting rid of that Overwhelming Fear -Featuring Susan Valles
Getting Rid of Overwhelming Fear

Getting Rid of that Overwhelming Fear -Featuring Susan Valles

Getting Rid of Overwhelming Fear
Hidden Treasures and Riches
Getting Rid of that Overwhelming Fear -Featuring Susan Valles

Do you struggle with overwhelming fear? It’s a big one that so many of us grapple with, but we don’t talk much about it. Susan’s biggest battle was anxiety and overwhelming fear. If you struggle with anxiety or just any kind of tormenting fears, tune in. You’ll be inspired by Susan’s powerful story of faith and gain a new perspective on overcoming your fears.

Mrs. Susan Valles is a musician, songwriter, author, recording artist, and woman of deep faith. She didn’t start playing the guitar until she was 28 years old. As a worship leader and prophetic voice, Susan helps worshippers find healing and hope through worship while experiencing God’s love. During her free time, she enjoys kayaking and paddle boarding.

Listen in to find hope and encouragement to overcome your fears and step into freedom.

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Resources: Susan’s Books

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