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Soul Rest

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Today’s post on Rest is an excerpt from my devotional book, Weathering Storms: Finding Treasures in the Ruins

My friend told me about a grandfather and his granddaughter she saw while walking on the beach. The little girl, about three years old, walked ahead of him. She would stop, pick up a shell or some other interesting object, and show it to her grandfather. He bent down and gently admired the object while talking to her. This happened many times as they walked unhurriedly along the beach. My friend admired the grandfather’s gentleness and patience.

This story reminds me of my trips to the beach. I always look forward to going to the beach to relax. I have dealt with several challenging situations over the last ten years that often left me weary. Spending time alone on the beach in prayer helps me find soul rest and provides an opportunity to present my burdens to God.

Have you ever felt as if you were alone when carrying a heavy burden?

The Lord invites us to come and find soul rest in him.

Imagine yourself sitting on the beach with a soft, cool breeze blowing in your face. You try to relax and enjoy the beautiful day, but your mind is preoccupied with your challenges, deadlines, finances, health, family, and relationship issues. You wish they would all magically disappear.

The gentle breeze beckons you to relax. You close your eyes and let go of your worries and anxieties. Immediately, the breeze feels as if it is not only on your face, but deep within your soul as a gentle, soothing massage.

You hear a still, small whisper.

 I love you.

Suddenly it feels as if you are in another realm. You take his hand and lean in as he draws you close in a warm embrace.

  • You let go
  • You feel relaxed
  • You feel content
  • You feel refreshed
  • You hear another whisper: I delight in you.

The Lord loves you deeply and invites you to roll all your cares on him. He desires to restore your soul and give you rest.

Pray with me:

Lord, like the grandfather, you are gentle and patient with your children. You desire to restore my soul. Help me exchange my burdens for your rest. Amen.

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Discover Your Uniqueness, Identify Obstacles & Accomplish Your Goals & Purpose!



Discover Your Uniqueness, Identify Obstacles & Accomplish Your Goals & Purpose!



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Discover Your Uniqueness, Identify Obstacles & Accomplish Your Goals & Purpose!

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