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Empowered Women Empower Women


Do you desire to be an empowered woman?  What does it look like to be an empowered woman? My friend, Paige Squirrell shares 10 unique characteristics of empowered women and how they empower others. It is a privilege to welcome Paige as a guest blogger.


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Empowered Women, empower other women- Chirstian Life Coaching


Recently, while enjoying a day off together, my husband pulled a t-shirt off the rail in one of the shops we found ourselves browsing. It read, “Empowered women empower women.” I fell in love with it straight away and had to buy it. The words resonated with my heart. It was as if my own thoughts and message were summarized in these four words: “empowered women empower women”.


A Good Word Remains Just that Unless We Embrace it.


This sound byte got me thinking. What does an empowered woman look like? We live in an age of sound bytes, and it is good to stop and ask ourselves what they mean. Unless we know the meaning of something and unless we embrace it, a good word remains just that, a good word. It does nothing to influence or transform us and becomes meaningless.

So, What do empowered women Look Like?

10 Unique Qualities of Empowered Women Who Empower other Women

Empowered women empower women-Christian Life Coaching
  1. When we as women know who we are, when we are controlled by and rooted in the love of the One who created us, then we become empowered women. We say ‘goodbye’ to insecurity’s grip on our lives. We create safe and secure places where others can find out who they are and flourish.
  1. Instead of competing with one another, we champion each other. Our words no longer tear down but build up. We aren’t afraid to build platforms that become springboards for others to go further than we have gone.
  1. We are no longer concerned about flying our own flag but the flag of Jesus, who gave His life so that we could have life. His example becomes our anthem. Our eyes remain fixed on Him giving us purpose and meaning in every situation we face.
  1. We no longer become victims of our circumstances but victors. We become the ones who can shift atmospheres by releasing His love, joy, and peace. We no longer live as pathetic ones but as powerful, prophetic ones seeing Heaven invading the natural.
  1. Faith becomes a way of life as we choose to say ‘no’ to fear. We recognize that we are part of a bigger picture and the choices we make today will not only influence our own tomorrows but the tomorrows of those around us and those yet to follow.
  1. Empowered women don’t follow ‘man-made’ blueprints but the blueprint of the One who knows them better than anyone else. They are quick to surrender to the wisdom and strategies of Heaven, so they can be part of what God is doing. They don’t care who gets the credit as long as the job gets done.
  1. They turn failures into stepping stones to success and disappointments into opportunities. Hard times become building blocks for personal growth and character. Nothing is wasted. Empowered women are clothed in strength and dignity, and they can smile at the future as they quietly encourage those around them to keep going and not to give up.
  1. Empowered women are courageous. They carry a roar that isn’t fake. It is loud when it needs to be, but it can also be soft when needed. It’s a roar that has developed as they have learned to consistently put one foot in front of the other and to listen to the whispers of their Father.
  1. Empowered women live for the pleasure of their Beloved. Their thoughts, words, actions, and responses witness this even amid pain, injustice, and confusion.
  1. Empowered women are able to see beauty in the mess and chaos. They have the knack of mining for gold and not giving up until it surfaces. Empowered women bloom where they are planted and make a difference just by being present.

May we all become empowered women as we rest in the grip of our Father. We don’t need to strive to become empowered or to empower. As our Father’s power works in us and influences who we are, we will naturally become empowered women able to supernaturally empower those around us.

Rise up, Empowered Women, and Empower Women.

Paige Squirrell

About the Author

Empowered Women

Above all else, Paige Squirrell’s desire is to see God’s Presence released in the lives of ordinary people. She longs to see God’s people become whole, walk in the freedom that is theirs in Christ, and fulfill the purpose He has for each one. Based in Norfolk, United Kingdom, she is a passionate and gifted teacher, worship leader, and writer. Paige is a joint senior leader of Beacon Church alongside her husband Jonathan, is a licensed minister of The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, and has four incredible adult children. Connect with Paige on her blog 

This post was updated on 9/26/22

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